May 26, 2022
Launched in 2019, the heart-shaped, truffle-filled sausage gained international fame in 2019 and made headlines around the world.

The sausage of love has touched the hearts of nations. A

Thick, juicy and bursting with flavor. Launched in 2019, the heart-shaped, truffle infused sausage gained international fame in 2019 and made headlines around the world.

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Indeed the most popular, 2020 delivered M&S Love Sausage to our stores with security details because customers could not wait to get their hands on it, while last year it sold more than 33,000 packs in one day. There are over 4,700 Matty Hearts!

CUPIDS BOW hit us with Colin and Connie loves cocoon

Cardiff likes to play Cupid by mixing and matching half-sized Colin and Connie the Caterpillars. Whether you’re Colin & Colin, Connie & Connie or the Colin & Connie Partnership, with 2 out of £ 10, you can choose your perfect pair for this Valentine’s Day M&S.

Love is Air Colin £ 6 and Connie £ 6

Last year saw sales of Colin and Connie Leo cocoons increase, and last year took more than 46,000 homes. Made from milk chocolate, chocolate swiss rolls decorated with hearts and sprinkles, it is understandable why everyone suffers from Cupid odor on these chocolate treats.

And they called it dog love;

UK M&S Puppy went crazy for love sweets last year – over 56,000 people got their paws on these sweets! More cute than ever with their sweetest packaging, it’s no surprise that local dog-loving locals are bowing their heads for these cherry and cola flavored cottages!

Cute little and totally loving, even the coldest heart will melt when faced with this beauty box. The perfect last-minute gift for a true love or wonderful friend.

Equipped with all luxurious lingerie;

Beautiful lingerie is no longer reserved for this particular person. This season, it’s all about self-love and physical confidence, with underwear that makes us feel good. With beautiful kits and playful details, M&S Valentine’s Lingerie Collection is designed for this perfect person.

Ophelia Lace Crop Chemical Set, £ 55

With sales starting, M&S reports that we are all lusting for lingerie, especially a blasphemous lace camisole, as it has seen an 84% increase in sales of the beautiful Rosie Ophelia lace camisole set across the UK this week. Looks like we’re all looking forward to it as we prepare for the season of love.

We are ready for the date night with the rented street.

After the UK spent last year’s Valentine’s Day in lockdown, dressing has never been more attractive. Don’t worry about the attachment, the LBD that caught your eye doesn’t have to be a long term relationship. You can keep your options open and switch to something new before the second date.

It seems that London, Glasgow and Birmingham are not looking for any long term this year, which is the maximum clothing rental service.

But it’s not just in the big cities, since the introduction of High Street in November 2021, UK singles – and non-singles – have been ‘ghosting’ their old outfits, among M&S X GHOST collection M&S High Street users. The most popular. .

Make the perfect moment to ‘accidentally’ touch your loved ones’ hands with the Date Night Share Cutlery Greasing Box, perfect for all the hungry. Is.

If you’re not ready to share, eat your hearty pork and beef with Love Heart ravioli, sprinkled with delicious creamy beechmeal sauce, before D’Éclair your love. Combine raspberry cream with patisserie, topped with raspberry fondant.

Spreading love in every Valentine’s course, M&S has heart-shaped joy for every wish. Whether you’re confessing with Melt My Hat Cambert Ann Krott or asking, “Do you love me?” With the M&S cookie cut, or the love cue you need to add heart-shaped cucumbers to your Good Night Gin and Tank, M&S has everything you need to guarantee a happy ending. Required.

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