May 23, 2022

Dandelion will also be part of the town center’s streets, grassy drains, seafront and a farm, bringing together food producers, scientists and technicians with artists and performers from across the country.

Locations as far north as Uist, Moray, Greenock and Stranraer will be part of the project, which will run between April and September, and will conclude with hundreds of one-way fairs across Scotland.

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The Edinburgh festivities were urged to “disperse” from the city center to local parks …

The two barges in the Dandelion project will see the Fourth and Clyde Canal and Union Canal this year as part of a larger ‘grow your own food’ initiative.

The Scottish Government-sponsored project, which is expected to have a budget of at least 7 million, is the focus of Scotland’s program for the UK’s £ 120m “Unboxed” Festival, which will begin next month in Paisley. ۔

Organizers of the Glasgow’s Celtic Connections Festival are among the participants in the Dandelion, which will see live performances by musicians with producers at sites selected to be home to “unexpected gardens”.

Unused land and unusual locations will have celebrations, artistic installations and places to grow herbs and vegetables for the local community to share.

Billed as part of Scotland’s largest ever community-led “grow your own food” initiative, Dandelion will have two barges that will visit the Fourth and Clyde Canal and the Union Canal in the summer. One will feature a small allotment and garden shed, while the other will be vertical form cubes that will be distributed throughout Scotland and will be exclusively commissioned to broadcast music as part of the Dandelion program. Will be installed with speaker.

The Dandelion project will run between April and September. Photo: Alan Macter

Places that are expected to change include Forres Town Center, where Findhorn Bay Arts will lead the project of growing mushrooms in its numerous streets, sites visiting Loch Long and Ger Loch in Argyle, where Cove Park Arts Center coastal areas. Will find links between Communities and Agriculture, and the Garden of the Taigh Chearsabhagh Arts Center in North Uist.

Other sites overlooking Steiner’s former ferry terminal, a farm in Edinburgh that is planned to be converted into a large-scale urban food production center, a proposed market in the car park of the Lyon Community Center in Fife. Garden, as well as Scrubland. Library in Greenwich.

Large-scale music festivals will be held in Glasgow and Inverness in June and September, respectively, as part of Dandelion’s program.

Neil Butler, Dandelion’s director of festivals and events, said: “We are excited to announce the locations of our unexpected gardens and look forward to seeing each garden grow as it grows.

A floating garden will pass through Bishop Burgess, Kirknteloch, Aachen Star, Bonnie Bridge, Pulmont, Lynn Lithgow, Brooksburn. Ratho and Edinburgh before docking at Helix Park in Falkirk.

“Sustainability is at the heart of our program and we can’t wait to see people from all over Scotland sow, grow and share food, music and ideas.”

Martin Green, chief creative officer of the Inbox Festival, said: “As a project, Dandelion is literally about sowing seeds for the future, which we hope will affect local communities and future generations. “

Marie Christie, head of development at VisitScotland, said: “We are delighted that Scotland’s gardens will be enjoyed by locals and visitors throughout the year.

New food breeding initiatives are expected across Scotland as part of the Dandelion Project.

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