May 21, 2022

Reading the two leaders’ call, a Downing Street spokesman said the two also reiterated the need for European countries to reduce their dependence on Russian gas. “

A Downing Street spokesman said: “The Prime Minister and President Biden have updated each other on their recent discussions with fellow world leaders. There is an important window left to repel threats.

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The leaders stressed that further incursions into Ukraine would result in a protracted crisis for Russia, with far-reaching consequences for both Russia and the world.

In a call Monday evening, Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden agreed that “there is an important window for diplomacy and for Russia to withdraw from its threats against Ukraine.” Said

“They agreed that Western allies should remain united in the face of Russian threats, including the imposition of a significant package of sanctions in the event of escalating Russian aggression.”

He added: “Prime Minister and President Biden have agreed to stay in close contact as circumstances change.”

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Russia-Ukraine crisis: Boris Johnson urges Vladimir Putin to ‘step back’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned on Monday that an attack could take place within 48 hours as he urged the Russian president to step back from “one side of the border”.

Russia has accused Britain and the United States of a propaganda campaign and insisted it was ready to continue talks.

The prime minister was briefed by British intelligence chiefs on the latest intelligence and cut short a planned visit to northern England on Tuesday to lead a Cobra meeting.

Earlier today, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss presided over a Cobra meeting with the Prime Minister, which is expected to be chaired tomorrow on the ongoing crisis.

In a message to European allies, Mr Johnson said the world needed to show what the political and economic cost of attacking Russia would be, including ending its dependence on gas.

The prime minister said “the world needs to learn a lesson from 2014” when little was done to get rid of Russian gas and oil after the Russian operation in eastern Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea.

“I think what all European countries need to do now is get the Nord Stream out of the bloodstream,” he said.

“Take out the hypodermic drip feed of Russian hydrocarbons, which is continuing in many European economies.”

Downing Street said the package of sanctions against Russian companies would not be made public.

An official spokesman for the prime minister said: “We do not consider the sanctions we are about to introduce because they cannot be used for our purposes.”

Truss defended his decision to travel to Moscow to meet with his counterpart Sergei Lavrov.

The meeting ended with a trial press conference and claimed that Ms. Truss had annexed two regions of Russia with parts of Ukraine.

Ms Truss told reporters: “I went to Russia to send a very clear message, which means that it is Russia that is the aggressor, it has 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border and if they were to invade Ukraine. If so, it will have a detrimental effect on the Russian people and the Russian government.

“Of course, the Russians didn’t like what I said, but I still say it.”

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