May 24, 2022

Boris Johnson has now received a letter from police on the Party Gate scandal, which came to light tonight.

The prime minister is one of 50 Downing Street insiders who have received a questionnaire from Matt asking for details of alleged lockdown violations.

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Boris has been given a questionnaire, it has been confirmed[/caption]

Police have sent a letter to the Prime Minister on the party gate scandal.

No. 10 said it would “respond as needed” to Boris Mate’s letter.

The prime minister has strongly denied any wrongdoing in the assembly and is believed to be seeking legal advice for a strong defense.

But many Tory MPs have privately warned that they would be forced to resign if found guilty of violating lockdown rules.

If police release Mr Johnson with a fine, a vote of confidence that could oust him from No. 10 is expected in a few days.

In a statement issued last night, a spokesman for No. 10 said: “We can confirm that the Prime Minister has received a questionnaire from the Metropolitan Police.

“He will respond as needed.”

Police are investigating 12 alleged parties that broke the lockdown in Whitehall.
Mr Johnson is accused of belonging to six parties.

This includes the infamous “Bring Your Own Wine” thrown into Downing Street Garden in May 2020 – the height of the first lockdown.

A surprise birthday party hosted by Kerry Johnson for her husband in June 2020, when the prime minister is said to have been “ambushed by a cake”, is also being investigated.

No. 10 says it will tell the public if Mr. Johnson has a police fine, which starts at £ 100 but increases if there are multiple violations.

Mr Johnson has refused to publicly say whether he will step down as prime minister if he is found guilty of violating the law.

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His allies have insisted he will stay and fight any attempt to get him out of No. 10.

But many Tory MPs are already angry at the much-maligned party gate scandal.

If it violates the law, a tsunami of letters calling for a vote of no confidence will be sent – and it will be removed from No. 10 in a matter of days.

Both former Tory prime ministers, Sir John Major and Theresa May, have already stabbed Bojo, accusing him of violating their rules.

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