May 23, 2022

Mr Sarwar’s comments came as the Prime Minister paid an extraordinary visit to Scotland following the announcement of plans around Freeport.

In an interview with Times Radio, presenter Matt Chorley pointed out that Mr Johnson was in Scotland, to which the Scottish Labor leader jokingly replied: “He is in hiding. Have you found him yet?”

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Mr Sarwar added that Johnson was “a disaster for Britain” and “the greatest gift for the SNP”, adding that he was a “liar and deceiver”.

Scottish Labor leader Anas Sarwar joked that Prime Minister Boris Johnson was “in hiding” during his visit to Scotland (Photo: PA).

His comments came as police were investigating a total of 12 gatherings on Downing Street as they checked to see if Cowade’s restrictions had been broken.

However, Mr Sarwar also said that the Labor Party in Scotland was “not doing well enough” and that was why it was “losing the election”.

He said: “Anyone who tells you, ‘We are very good, these are painters who have been wrong’ is absolutely wrong.”

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Mr Sarwar said it was not enough to expose the “failures of the SNP”, but that people needed to “vote positively” for Labor.

Before becoming leader in 2021, Mr Sarwar said he did not realize how “hollow” his party had become.

He emphasized that the Scottish Labor had raised only £ 250 in the 12 months before it was elected.

Since taking office, Mr Sarwar said the party had raised about 1 million.

He said: “I think we can show that we are in a different place and we are bringing together a well-functioning organization that is not just a name on the ballot paper but a party. Wants to be the one who can run the country. ”

The Scottish Labor leader said he wished Britain would never leave the European Union and hoped to rejoin it one day. However, he said rejoining for an independent Scotland was a “wrong choice”.

He added: “I do not see how we can confidently say that we want to have closer relations with Portugal, France, Germany … but we have more distance with England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Want a relationship. ”

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