May 28, 2022

Boris Johnson will chair an emergency meeting of the Cobra today as the threat of a Russian attack on Ukraine becomes “serious”.

The Downing Senate confirmed that the prime minister would also shorten his “leveling road trip” to return to crisis talks tomorrow.


Ukrainian forces are training.[/caption]


Boris Johnson is in Scotland today.[/caption]

The prime minister will also call President Joe Biden tonight to discuss the deteriorating situation.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss will chair the Cobra meeting today, while her boss will continue his tour of Scotland and the North.

The British have been issued a final warning to withdraw from Ukraine as Russia could launch an attack in the next 48 hours.

It is feared that bombs and missiles will rain down on cities, including the capital, Kiev, within minutes of Vladimir Putin’s order.

British Armed Forces Secretary James Happy has warned that with the outbreak of war this week, stranded civilians will not be able to board an Afghan-style plane.

The world is on the brink of collapse as US intelligence fears a full-scale Russian offensive could begin on Wednesday.

Mr Happy issued a cold warning because he said “all conditions have been set for the Russian to attack” and that this could happen “without notice”.

Mr Happy said: “This is not a warning about anything that could happen in three months.

“This is not a warning after which further warnings will be issued.

“This is a warning because missiles and bombs could fall on Ukrainian cities just minutes after Putin’s order.”

Russia has long been accused of seeking to occupy Ukraine – and tensions have risen since Putin seized Crimea in 2014.

Ukraine has called for calm and Russia has denied any wrongdoing.

But the West believes the world could be far from the biggest conflict in Europe since World War II.

British and US intelligence say the Kremlin has now moved the last military units to a location necessary for a full-scale offensive.

Spokes believes in Moscow. False flag operations are likely to begin.Such as a mock attack on Russian citizens, to justify war.

Mr Happy said any British citizen who would remain in the country after the start of the war could not escape.

There will be no opportunity for Britain, the United States and other Western countries to launch an Afghanistan-style rescue operation.

This is because modern Russian weapons, such as heavy artillery and fighter jets, would make the skies over Ukraine dangerous.

He said: “Even though this is what we wanted to do, the fact is that we could not do it.

“You end up with a highly controversial complex airspace that makes it impossible to escalate such rescue efforts.”

His stern warning came this week with Boris Johnson launching a new diplomatic blitz to try to stop the war.

The Prime Minister will hold a series. Meeting with world leaders And he will travel to Europe this weekend when he urges Vladimir Putin to “step back from the double.”

Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace – which shortened the family vacation yesterday due to the crisis in Ukraine. Will attend NATO summit Defense ministers in Brussels in the coming days.

Russia has amassed a formidable force of 130,000 troops. Also considered on the Ukrainian border. Now plan to attack any day.

As tensions rise, a new package of economic and defense support from the West for Ukraine is expected to be announced in a matter of days.

Issuing its strongest warning so far, a Downing Street spokesman said: “The crisis on the Ukrainian border has reached a critical juncture.

“All the information we have is that Russia could be planning an attack on Ukraine at any time.

“It will have devastating consequences for both Ukraine and Russia.

“There is still a window of opportunity for de-escalation and diplomacy, and the prime minister will continue to work tirelessly with his allies to push Russia out of the quagmire.”

As Europe stands on the brink of war, the Prime Minister has vowed to do everything possible to stop the Russian invasion.

Britain is arming the Ukrainians and has threatened Moscow with economic sanctions if a Russian toe crosses the border.

The British military is expanding its military presence in neighboring NATO countries, such as Estonia, and has sent two ships to the East Med and the Black Sea.

We now have an entire RAF Squadron on standby ready to patrol the skies in the southeast corner of NATO.

Mr Johnson, who receives daily intelligence briefings on the crisis, is keen to work with the Nordic and Baltic states on Russia’s border.

They want to show Putin that he faces a wall of opposition if he sends troops to the border.


The Prime Minister will continue his series of meetings with world leaders this week.[/caption]

Ukrainian troops are preparing for a possible attack on Russia.[/caption]


Ukrainian citizens prepare for war[/caption]


The Russian Navy’s diesel electric submarine Rostov-on-Don is heading for the Black Sea.[/caption]

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