May 20, 2022
Colin Rooney has lost his bid to sue Rebecca Verdi’s agent in the High Court as part of an ongoing legal battle between the footballers’ wives in an online post.

In an October 2019 post on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, Ms Ronnie, 35, accused Ms Verdy, 39, of leaking stories about her private life after a month-long “sting operation”.

Former England star Wayne Rooney’s wife, known as “Wagatha Christie”, has claimed that Mrs Verdi shared fake stories posted on her personal Instagram account with The Sun newspaper.

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Mrs Verdi, who is married to Leicester City striker Jamie, denies the allegations and is suing Mrs Rooney.

Mrs Rooney’s lawyers had earlier claimed that Mrs Verdi had leaked the information to The Sun, either directly or through her agent Caroline Watt, “following her instructions or deliberately”.

Mrs Rooney sought permission to file an “additional charge” against Ms. Watt for misusing personal information and wanted her to be tried in a contempt of court case.

Her barrister, David Sherbourne, told the court last week that if Ms Verdi won her claim on the grounds that she was not a person who leaked the information, Ms Rooney would be released without “proof” by then. Unless they are able to sue. Watt as part of the same case.

Ms Verdi’s lawyers opposed the request to include the claim against Ms Watt in a contempt case.

In a ruling Monday, after a two-day hearing last week, Justice Stein refused to allow an additional lawsuit against Ms Watt and allowed her to be heard with a contempt of court case.

The High Court judge said the bidding was too late and did not take precedent.

He continued: “The effect of the application will be six to 12 months delay in determining the contender’s defamation suit.

“It would not be fair to a claimant who seeks to improve his reputation and would be prejudiced against the length of the litigation.”

Mrs. Rooney will now have to pay £ 65,000 for Mrs. Watt’s legal expenses, which is said to be about £ 70,000.

The judge’s decision does not preclude Mrs. Rooney from making a separate lawsuit against Ms. Watt for alleged misuse of personal information if she so desires.

In its ruling, the judge allowed Ms Rooney to amend her defense case, which included allegations that Ms Wardy provided information to The Sun about an unknown professional footballer through Mrs Watt.

It also allowed the disclosure of WhatsApp messages between Mrs. Verdi and Mrs. Watt during the period, and allowed Mrs. Rooney’s request for an order that both parties make a joint request to Instagram for information.

During a two-day hearing last week, the High Court heard that some WhatsApp messages between Mrs Verdi and Mrs Watt had been disclosed before the trial.

Mrs Justice Stein ruled that some of the messages, which had been modified but could be read by Mr Rooney’s legal team due to a “software glitch”, should have been made available.

They also included a message from Mrs. Verdi telling Mrs. Watt that she would “like to leak these stories”, which Ms. Rooney’s lawyers claim was meant for her personal information.

Discussing the text in her decision, Justice Stein said: “First, in situations where, between a WhatsApp account, which appears on her face, and I do not find it controversial, the defendant Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. She was not quoting stories about the defendant.

“Whether that happens or not is a matter for trial.”

Mrs. Justice Stein declined requests for other disclosures made by both Mrs. Rooney and Mrs. Verdi.

The blasphemy hearing is scheduled for May, but may be delayed. The trial is set for April.

Following the ruling, a spokesman said Mrs Ronnie and her legal team were “confident” of winning the case at the May hearing.

A spokeswoman for Ms Rooney continued: “Colin is pleased that today’s decision has opened the way for him to take legal action against Caroline Watt, following the WhatsApp between her and Mrs Verdi. Details of the talks were laid before the court last week.

“The decision does nothing to change the fact that Ms. Watt will be a witness in this case.”

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