May 23, 2022

Scotland Office Minister Ian Stewart said he could not answer questions about whether the UK government would end the free quaid test.

This comes at a time when the number of Cowid cases in Scotland has dropped to its lowest level in almost two months.

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In Scotland, 5,118 new cases were recorded in the 24 hours from Monday. The last time fewer new infections were recorded was when they returned on December 17 last year.

Free covid testing has been an important part of the fight against the virus. Photo: Andy Buchanan / AFP via Getty Images

Mr Johnson told the House of Commons last week that he intends to lift all remaining sanctions by the end of this month, including the need to isolate himself.

When asked directly during Monday’s visit to Scotland whether free Cowed testing would continue, Mr Johnson replied: “We will continue to work with our colleagues in Scotland, but I am sure our point of view. I have a lot in common with the differences. “

Earlier in the day, speaking on the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland program, Mr Stewart said: “What we have said is that next week, if the figures and the cove continue like this, we will We’ll have a comprehensive plan for what to do with the coveted. Sounds like a lot of common sense, but I don’t see what’s going to happen to it. “

Mr Stewart said there had been “regular meetings several times a week” between the UK government and the divided administration in response to Coved’s response.

Less than 24 hours after Scottish Health Secretary Hamza Youssef’s plea to the British government to “not pull the carpet from under us” around the Cove 19 measures, he emphasized the position, in particular. Free Universal Testing for Virus

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Cowed Scotland: ‘Don’t pull the carpet from under us’, Yousef has already warned …

It is reported that Mr Johnson is considering limiting the free quad test to high-risk settings such as care homes, hospitals and schools.

SNP Westminster Health Spokesman Martin Day said: “The UK Government needs to confirm that it will continue to provide funds for the testing of Cowid 19 for deviant countries – by Boris Johnson and his Tory ministers. After the confusion caused by.

“Any changes to code testing should be guided by the advice of a public health expert through the chief medical officers. There will usually be negligence.

“The results are much safer and more cautious about Scotland’s epidemics. We must continue to be guided by scientific evidence, not by Downing Street’s line of ‘distrust’ of Tory MPs on Boris Johnson.” Concerns. “

Mr Joseph confirmed on Sunday that the Scottish government would increase its current isolation requirements by the end of this month.

He said in response to the UK government’s move to end mandatory self-isolation: “Our public health advice now is that it is too early to do so by the end of February. We currently have thousands of Omicron cases. Do we really think it would be wise for someone who is positive about Kwid and a social care worker to work in a care home?

“I think most people who see this will say it’s not sensible at all.”

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