August 10, 2022

Useless Metropolitan Police boss Cressida Dick has resigned following a controversy over racism within Downing Street parties and forces.

Some Mets officials were described as “happy” and “deeply saddened” by Dick’s decision to resign.

In a statement on Thursday, Dame Cressida said she would stand aside because London Mayor Sadiq Khan “no longer has enough confidence in my leadership to move forward.”

Sadiq Khan wins second term as London mayor after close race - Bloomberg

The news comes a week after Mr Khan said he was “not satisfied” with the Met Commissioner’s response to demands for change, including the assassination of Sarah Everard by Serving Officer Van Cousins, as well as racism, insults and harassment. Includes sexist messages. Officers from Cheering Cross Police Station exchanged views.

Alastair Morgan, who has spent decades campaigning for justice for his brother Daniel, who was killed in the 1980s with an ax in a pub car park in Sydneyham, south-east London, said: Dame Cressida has “disappointed” her family at every level. .

De Menezes' family demanded that Cressida Dick be stopped from leading the Met.  Cressida dick |  Guardian

Are addressing Political Last night, he said: “I first had a deal with Cressida Dick in 2012 and since then what he has done for my family is only delays, setbacks and a great deal of frustration.

“While I think it’s a shame we’re seeing another commissioner disappear under a cloud of smoke, it’s important.

“My only concern is who will take his place and face the big task in front of them to regain confidence in Matt.”

Evard Enger

Cressida faced calls to resign in March 2021 as thousands of protesters chanted “Shame on you” outside Scotland Yard before marching on Parliament Square.

Officers were forced to set up barricades around the Metropolitan Police Headquarters, and a group of protesters, many with placards, scattered across the road along the River Thames.

Sisters Uncut, an organization that describes itself as a feminist group that has taken direct action for domestic and sexual violence services, said it would hold a rally and many said They have failed because of Dam Cressida.

Former Conservative MP Harvey Proctor, whose home was raided by Matt’s failed Operation Midland officers, said in response to false allegations about the murderous VIP Pedo file color by jailed fantast Carl Beach, he Very happy with this news.

He said it was time to clean up Eugene’s stable so that all his personal mistakes could be fully investigated.

The campaign group reclaimed the streets, bringing legal challenge to the power to deal with the surveillance of Sarah Everard, simply tweeting: “Good redundancy.”

Patsy Stevenson, who was arrested on probation, was happy that Dame Cressida had left.
“We also need to focus on the fact that this is not a sign,” he said.

“It’s not going to get any better, and I just hope that whoever is in charge understands that a fundamental change needs to be implemented to solve the system problems within the MAT.”

Meanwhile, Labor MP Don Butler tweeted: “I said Cressida Dick has to go.” I’m happy now. [Mayor of London] Has accepted his resignation.

“The alternative must be serious reform and a commitment to rebuilding the Mets.”

Dame Cressida’s colleagues and supporters, meanwhile, denounced the way he was forced to resign, saying he was “very fond” of the force.

Addressing Political Ken Marsh, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said: “We are deeply saddened by the resignation of our commissioner.

“She was very popular in the ranks and file of the Metropolitan Police Service.

“We feel that the way he has been treated is completely unfair and we believe he is the person who can take us through him and take us the other way.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also praised the outgoing commissioner for his “service and dedication over the decades.”

“I thank them for their role in protecting the people and making our roads safer,” he said.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said Dame Cressida had “played a role in difficult times” and “set an example of the growing diversity of our police” as the first woman to hold the post.

“She will be the first to say that she has played this role in difficult times. For almost five years now, she has been working diligently to protect our capital and its people, including the epidemic.” During an unprecedented period of illness, “said Ms. Patel.

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Dewey also thanked him, but added that “the change of leadership at the Mets is long overdue.”

He also demanded that Mr. Johnson “publicly resign” over the appointment of his successor due to the ongoing MAT investigation into the 10 parties held during the Cowade sanctions.

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