May 26, 2022

A dangerous Chinese spy’s ring had secretly penetrated Queen Elizabeth’s inner circle and it is feared that she had obtained blackmailing information that could destroy the monarchy, Politicolite specifically revealed. Can

We can reveal that both Prince Andrew and the Queen’s late husband Philip were important targets of Chinese agents determined to overthrow the monarchy.

Royal insiders said Political Last night, Beijing’s ruthless spies were exposed by MI5 agents – and deported – but before they could pay a bribe to steal important state secrets and learn about family behavior. And used sex to compromise the royal family.

Details have plunged the palace into “chaos” which was revealed to Politiclite by a courier.

“Evil spies apparently used bribes and sex to gain access to the royal staff and family.”

Senior officials fear agents have amassed enough information and ammunition to twist the royal wrists and influence British policy.

The espionage scandal erupted after MI5, the British Homeland Intelligence Agency, revealed that intelligence agents had amassed enough ammunition to force British parliamentarians to “corrupt sugar”.

He founded FaithInvest – a charity founded by Prince Philip with Martin Palmer in 1995.

He is accused of working with the China Toast Association, which in conjunction with FaithInvest, controlled the agents through Beijing’s United Frontwork Department, known as the UFWD.

The network is a ruthless intelligence group that sabotages activities.

“His focus was on meeting Prince Philip, going into the inner circle of the royal family and buying influence,” the insider said.

“Their last meeting was in 2017 at Windsor Castle.” He met Philip several times through the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC), a separate charity.

“Philip, who died last April, would be terrified that he was caught in the communist ring – and he didn’t recognize him.”

His infamous son Andrew, 61, who is facing a civil trial in the United States after being accused of raping 17-year-old Jeffrey Epstein, was also targeted by the Chinese.

Prince Andrew calls Beijing

The Duke of York made about eight visits to the Chinese Institute for Foreign Affairs between 2010 and 2019, and was described by palace sources and MI5 as a “useful idiot.”

“Prince Andrew is a classic ‘useful’; stupid [who] Apparently allows himself to be used.

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