May 28, 2022

Christine McGuinness admits that she lived on less than 300 calories a week during the war with Kushuda.

While working as a dancer in Paris as a teenager, she admitted that she ate only 90 calorie cup-a-soup every other day – less than the 2,000 recommended for dangerous women.


Christine lived in Paris in her late teens and danced on the podiums in nightclubs.Credit: Splash
Christine admits she believes she has had anorexia since she was eight.


Christine admits she believes she has had anorexia since she was eight.Credit: Getty Images – Getty Images

But 33-year-old Christine says she has “no regrets” about the damage to her health.

The Real Phil Monte Starr said: “The only thing that got out of hand was my eating disorder. No one was watching me, so I barely ate.

“I was dancing and burning a lot of calories, and I never took a break from dinner.

“It was easy for me to run away without eating, because no one was watching me.

“I have a cup of A-soup, which weighed 90 calories every other day and that’s it. Nothing else, repeated water.

“So, it wasn’t good for my health, but it was one of the happiest times of my life.

“I have no regrets, and at the time it was my own little offer of my favorite movie, Dirty Dancing.”

Christine lived in Paris in her late teens and danced on the podiums in nightclubs.

She was at home in Liverpool over the weekend, modeling at a bikini show during a tennis tournament when she met Paddy, then 34.

At 21, she was 15 years younger than him but he hit her and later kissed her on her first date.

Writing in his autobiography, A Beautiful Nightmare, about his time in Paris, he said: “Life in Paris soon became intoxicating, I was doing a lot in terms of tips. Also did a lot.

“What happened to me when I was 13? [sexual abuse] Impressed me and stayed with me, but while I was dancing, I was in control.

“I took possession of my sexuality. No one was touching me and I was making my money – cash that went straight to my bank or back home to my mother.

“We worked hard. We would be picked up in a minibus at 6pm and dropped off back at the hostel at 6am every morning. Then we slept all day.

“The modeling industry is restless and if you put on a little weight, or your hair is not right, you will be cut off.

“But dancing at the club was just the opposite. I was in a place where I loved to play music every night and I was working with a group of girls with whom I competed and I made amazing money. Was earning, and then, no one was touching me. “

Christine and Paddy were married in 2011 when they were 23 years old.

Peter Key, his childhood friend, was the best man and Rick Eastley performed.

She admitted that she believed she had been suffering from anorexia since she was eight years old.

They have three children.

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