May 28, 2022

A frightened disabled mother faces homelessness with her children in the days after she was slapped with an eviction notice.

Maria Kane, 28, was given notice by her landlord in August last year when she decided she wanted to sell the house in Swansea, South Wales.


Maria Kane says she will be evicted from her property in two days.Credit: Media Wells
The landlord allegedly smashed a window through which cool air could enter.


The landlord allegedly smashed a window through which cool air could enter.Credit: Media Wells

Despite pleas for help from Swansea Council and the Housing Association, the young mother of two lives in the property with a broken window and damp walls.

She is afraid she will have no place to go because they are unable to provide her with alternative accommodation.

Maria was even told to stay in the current property until she was forcibly removed by bailiffs within two days.

The disabled mother initially thought the property was “wonderful” unless her son had asthma, which she believed was due to being wet.

Most read in the Scottish Sun.

He told Wales online“It looked great at first, but after two weeks I started to look damp and it grew so fast.

“My kids can’t even take a shower in my house – my mom, who has a disability, has to drive 45 minutes to pick us up so we can use her shower. It’s just awful, just awful.”

“My son got really sick. He had a cough and he couldn’t play, he couldn’t run without being violently sick, and he started coughing where he couldn’t breathe.

“Now he has been diagnosed with asthma. He is also being tested for autism, which is ongoing.”

Maria’s five and eight children are suffering from the disease when the mother claims that her home is not warm.

A broken window that has not been repaired means that all the heat is gone and it feels like it is “out”.

Maria added: “As soon as I received the notice again in August, I contacted every housing association as well as the council to let them know that I have six months to find a new home. Is.

“I requested all the necessary evidence and documents from my case as soon as possible. The council housing officer said that they would not be able to give points to the homeless till December 16 for any reason.

“I’ve been looking for private property to rent, but I’m disabled, I’m on benefits, and I’m really struggling to keep a roof over my head and put food in my stomach, just save. – A minimum of 500 1,500 for bonds and rent.

‘Mimi, where are we going to live?’

“I have informed the council that I will apply anywhere in and around Swansea, even if it means taking away my community and friends. All I need is a house with my children.”

After receiving an initial eviction notice, Maria contacted housing associations and councils in the hope that she would find an alternative home within six months.

But despite following up with the council as soon as possible, she was unable to find a place to go for her family.

He said: “The housing officer was out of office until mid-January, but he told me not to put pressure on him, that I would be re-housed on time. What is happening.

“I was told I was 17th on the waiting list, but the next time I called, it was 27th – I don’t know why.

“It’s February, and we’ll have everything in a few days.

The housing officer then said he could not guarantee that he would be able to re-house me on time.

Instead, they advised me to stay in the tenancy until my landlord appealed to the court to evict me by bail. That means the bailiff will take me and my children and throw us and all our belongings out on the street.

“I am a mother. One of the things I should be able to do is provide a home for my children. The situation is getting worse, and my daughter recently asked me, ‘Mom, we Where are you going to live? ‘ “

“I can’t sleep, I can’t eat. I feel very sick and I’m very scared.”

A Swansea Council spokesman said: “We are aware of Ms. Kane’s situation and our Housing Options team is working with her to find alternative housing as soon as possible.

He blamed moisture on his son's asthma.


He blamed moisture on his son’s asthma.Credit: Media Wells

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