May 24, 2022

Would you throw out your partner if he didn’t hand out cash on Valentine’s Day?

According to our new special Valentine’s Day survey, one in 10 Britons will do so.


Eddie Price with his ex who threw it at his ‘stingy’ gifts.Credit: Ad price
Flower Eddie gave his ex on V-Day.


Flower Eddie gave his ex on V-Day.Credit: Ad price

But Eddie Price, a builder from Leicester in the East Midlands, says he doesn’t care if his “stingy” gifts break up with him.

The 27-year-old told The Sun: “I gave a former daffodils and second-hand card from my backyard to celebrate February 14.

“At first he thought it was a joke until he realized I was serious.

“To me, spending hundreds of pounds on a bouquet of roses that will die in a few days is a complete waste of money.”

Eddie says angry exes have called him “stingy” and “tight-lipped” in the past.

He adds: “I don’t care what the girls think. If you’re a materialist I don’t want to be with you.

“My colleagues think it’s ridiculous. They call me a penny-punching price, but I’m saving to buy a house and there are more important things to spend my hard-earned money.”

Last year, Eddie was looking at 26-year-old admin assistant Jennifer *, whom he had been dating for eight weeks after meeting at a friend’s party.

He says: “She was obsessed with Valentine’s Day and kept giving hints about how much her ex had spent on her in the past and how they had given her expensive gifts.

She even sent me a link to her favorite florist and highlighted the delivery of a red rose bouquet on Valentine’s Day, which started at £ 100 and suggested a posh, sushi restaurant where their Valentine’s packages start at £ 150. Happened

“I couldn’t believe it. I had no way of spending that much money on it.”

He threw me on the spot when I gave him daffodils from my backyard for Valentine’s Day. He texted me that day and threw me out.

Eddie Price

Eddie says that when she arrived at his flat on the big day, she was afraid that an expensive bouquet of roses was not an expensive gift for her.

“Instead, I gave him some daffodils from my backyard,” he says.

“She was upset, and she was relieved when she found out we weren’t going to an expensive restaurant. She texted me that day and threw it away.”

Eddie is not alone in his spending habits, as according to our pool, almost half of Britons will spend less than £ 10 on Valentine’s Day romantic gifts for their other half.

Second hand card

Four years ago, another girlfriend told Eddie that he wasn’t taking the relationship seriously when he offered her a recycled Valentine’s Day card.

“She was always thinking about saving the environment so I thought she would be impressed with my upcycling skills,” she recalls.

“I’m going to cut out the front of an old Valentine’s Day card that an ex made for me and pasted it on a new card board and folded it to look like a new card.

“I wrote a nice note inside and thought it was cute. I hoped she would see the funny side, but she didn’t and threw me away.”

Blocks is under a lot of pressure to spend on Valentine’s Day so that his wife can brag on Instagram

Eddie Price

Now he is always in front of women that he does not like to sprinkle cash on the “trash”.

“I tell them I’m saving for a house and being more careful with my cash,” says Eddie.

“Blocks is under a lot of pressure to spend on Valentine’s Day so that his wife can brag on Instagram.

“It’s a pity. I’d rather be tight than Valentine’s Day debt.”

Eddie says women just want to show off their expensive Valentine's Day gifts on social media.


Eddie says women just want to show off their expensive Valentine’s Day gifts on social media.Credit: Ed Hanley
Eddie creatively upped an old Valentine's Day card - but his girlfriend wasn't chewed


Eddie creatively upcycles an old Valentine’s Day card – but his girlfriend isn’t chewedCredit: Ad price

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