May 26, 2022

As diplomatic efforts to reduce tensions on Ukraine’s border continue, Northern Ireland Secretary Brendan Lewis said the prime minister was “uniting the world” to deal with Russian threats.

Are addressing Sky NewsOn the “Trevor Phillips on Sunday” show, the NI secretary discussed the possibility of Russian intervention in Ukraine. He says the West needs to be “realistic” because Russia has 130,000 troops on its border. Mr Lewis added that “an imminent incursion by Russia is entirely possible”, echoing the messages of all NATO leaders.

In a virtual meeting with transatlantic leaders on Friday, PM Johnson told allies he feared Europe’s security. The prime minister’s office said: “I urge NATO allies to make it clear that if Russia decides to invade Ukraine in a catastrophic and catastrophic way, a huge package of economic sanctions will be drawn up.” Will ”

During a visit to Belgium and Poland last week, the prime minister sought to reassure NATO about Russia’s decision to increase its troop numbers near the Ukrainian border. During the visit, Mr Johnson met with Polish President Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Prime Minister Matthews Moravic, and also visited British troops serving on the East Coast as part of a NATO presence. Speaking at the time, Johnson said the forces would help “defend NATO from north to south.”


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It was confirmed yesterday that no British troops would remain in Ukraine in the event of an attack. British troops have been on a training mission in Ukraine for the past decade, dubbed Operation Orbital, while others have recently been deployed there to train Ukrainian troops in anti-tank missiles. The advice was also updated on Friday evening, saying that British citizens should “leave now as long as commercial means are available”.

Commenting on Johnson’s leadership during the Russia-Ukraine crisis, Mr Lewis told Sky News: Served as Foreign Secretary “- Sergei Skripal, Military Intelligence Officer and British Double Agent in March 2018, citing former Russian poison. Mr Lewis continued: “We have a prime minister who is now uniting the world in terms of how we deal with Russia and Ukraine.”

On the domestic front, Mr Lewis said:[The PM is] We are working in this country to deal with the code that we are facing and the crisis that we are seeing in the healthcare sector, to deal with the backlog. That is what makes our country better. “He works day and night to make sure we live in a country that is better for the people who live here.”

Mr Lewis’s comments come as a result of “party gates”. On Friday evening, the Prime Minister was sent a questionnaire by Scotland Yard to the alleged parties in Downing Street, codenamed ‘Operation Hillman’, as part of Matt’s ongoing investigation. No. 10 confirmed late Friday night that the prime minister had received the document and vowed to respond “as needed.”

Despite this, the NI secretary maintained that the prime minister was “fully focused on the task”. Asked how long it would last, Mr Lewis continued: “Investigations are a matter for the police, I will not impose a time frame on them, they have to be able to do their work independently, autonomously and independently Go through it. “

“I have to say in my dealings with the Prime Minister that he is totally focused on the work at hand, about what he is doing for the British people.”

Amid growing concern that the prime minister’s days are numbered, Mr Lewis said Mr Johnson would run and win the next election. He added: “He has more than 100% loyalty to me. I think he is a prime minister working for our country. He has made big decisions. I think he will fight and Will win the next general election.

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