May 26, 2022

Parents have criticized the school’s decision to go “permanently meat-free” permanently.

Students at Barrowford Elementary School near Nelson, Lancashire are offered vegetarian food only – and children are also asked not to bring meat to their packed lunches.

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Lancashire’s Barford Primary School leaves parents ‘meat-free’ permanently ‘dumb’[/caption]

The new rule was introduced last year, but a letter informing parents of the change was sent only on Thursday.

And while the school claims it has not received any complaints about its food, Facebook is full of unhappy parents.

Mother Zoo Douglas is upset about the situation and is trying to move her children to another school.

“It’s a joke. I’m trying to move my school because I have enough of that school,” he said.

“I think they forget that non-vegetarians and vegetarians have to take a lot of supplements. What supplements are they getting at this school instead?”

“Nothing, maybe saving on food costs.”

She is also angry that the new meal plan was brought in “ages ago” and she just found out why her daughter would come home from school one day and talk about “invasive” new sausages. Has been

Zoo said: “I only found out in an email this week.

Amelia ordered sausage and mesh and when she cut into her sausage she said ‘eww’.

The teachers said, “Oh, this is a vegetarian sausage,” but they didn’t tell him before ordering.

“She just finished eating mesh for her dinner. I’m angry. She’s been on a full lunch ever since.”

Another parent, who did not want to be named, said: “I think these kids will never have Christmas lunch at school again, something that has been going on for decades and they are all looking forward to it.

“Why not include vegetarians, vegetarians, whatever, and add your kids to the menu instead of adopting them?”

“And it’s ridiculous to ask parents to pack lunches, even veggies, not to mention local farmers.

“No wonder my kids are starving and raiding the fridge before taking off their shoes.

“Vegetarians are a choice when they grow up.”

‘Absolutely ridiculous’

Elsewhere, people ask, “What happened to freedom of choice?” Others questioned why teachers at the school of mixed 345 students felt the need to “dictate” their children’s food.

A third described feeling “stupid” at the “absolutely ridiculous” decision, and another said he immediately took his child to a “meat-filled” lunch.

Some locals are particularly angry because the school, which has been rated “good” by Offset, is on the outskirts of a rural area with a farming center.

“When primary schools are teaching them ‘meat-free’, we have no hope of teaching the younger generation about their food production,” said Alex Knitter, a cattle buyer.

“It’s very disturbing who we are against.”

Another resident said: “Wow. That’s a pity. Ten years ago no one knew what the word wagon meant, now these grass-eating ****** are pushing their agenda on all of us. “

But others believe that free meat is the future and they are happier to try it for their children.

“There are a lot of nutritional needs – vegetarian, vegan, halal,” said mother Lauren Strauss-Kahn Jackson, whose daughter attends Burford Primary School.

“The school is trying to cater to everyone. No matter what they do, no one will cry.

“I’m not a vegetarian and I think lunch choices are great.

“If people are upset, they have the option to send a packed lunch if they want to. Nothing is forced.”

While primary schools are teaching them to be ‘meat free’, we have no hope of teaching the younger generation about our food production.

Alex Nitter

And Andrea Harter said the menu, which includes tomato pasta and vegetable curry, looks “fantastic” and is definitely “nothing to cry about”.

In a letter to parents last week, head teacher Rachel Tomlinson said she had decided a year ago to offer only vegetarian lunches to “prevent climate change”.

He noted that the livestock industry has a huge carbon footprint and that meat and dairy products “come at a huge environmental cost”.

He concluded: “If you still want to send a packed lunch, can you as a school community consider meat-free options to help us reduce carbon emissions?”

When contacted by The Sun, Ms Tomlinson added: “We had free meat at our school lunch a year ago, and since we have not received any complaints from parents, I have It’s a pleasure to talk to anyone who has a question.

“Our children learn about the principles of sustainable development as part of the national curriculum, and are really interested in how they can contribute to the better care of our environment.

“We made our school lunch meat free to show how making a small change in each of our daily habits can have a much wider positive effect, and that meat Reducing consumption is the only way to do that.

“We’ve been careful to reach this in a balanced way, and teach that eating meat is okay, but reducing our consumption can help our planet.”

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Head teacher Rachel Tomlinson also urged parents to prepare vegetarian lunches.[/caption]

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