May 22, 2022

The ministers will meet later today to decide whether to end the mandatory vaccination for NHS staff in England.

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As it stands now, all frontline NHS personnel must be fully vaccinated by April 1, meaning they must receive their first date by this coming Thursday.

Any staff member who chooses to remain unvaccinated will either be reassigned or dismissed. About 77,000 NHS staff have not received any food vaccine.

Last week, Sajid Javed announced that compulsory jobs would be ‘kept under review’, but that it was the “duty” of NHS staff to go and get vaccinated.

Mandatory vaccine policy was first proposed when the Delta variant prevailed, and the evidence suggested that full vaccination reduces the risk of catching or spreading the virus.

Since the advent of Omicron, which has been shown to be more contagious but milder, there has been an increase in success infections in people who have already been vaccinated, however, the vaccine is still preventing serious illness.

Secretary of Health Told Health and Social Care Select Committee The right thing to do on Tuesday would be to now ‘reflect’ on the mandatory job policy, as Omekron is the dominant type in the UK.

However, no final decision has been made.

The government has pressured me to end the policy by some in the health service and the fact that it will create a serious staff crisis.

Royal College of Midwives Has warned the government that the mandatory vaccination policy could have a dramatic impact on the Royal College of GPs and nursing as well as maternity services, which have demanded a delay in the deadline.

Department of Health and Social Care He had earlier called for the policy, saying it was right to do so to protect patients.

UK Health Security Agency Vaccines are said to be effective against hospitalization, death, infection and transmission.

A recent report from the organization states:

“Numerous studies have shown that vaccines are effective in preventing infections.”

“Infected people cannot be transmitted. Therefore, vaccines are also effective in preventing transmission.”

Simon Clark, Chief Secretary for Finance, He told the BBC that policy changes would depend on the health secretary, adding that the basic facts had changed with the rise of the Omicron variant.

There have been several demonstrations across the country against this policy. Some NHS staff have considered moving to other UK countries where vaccination is not mandatory.

Currently, there are no plans in Wales or Scotland to go ahead with the mandatory vaccination for NHS workers or care staff. Northern Ireland will hold a public consultation on this matter.

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Chairwoman Nadira Ahmed National Care AssociationHe said he was “saddened by all the people who have lost their jobs unnecessarily”, with mandatory vaccinations already in place in the sector since November.

And that the policy had a “devastating effect.”

Government figures show that 40,000 caregivers did not receive a dose of the vaccine as of their deadline, but it is unclear how many of them lost their jobs.

Ms. Ahmed added –

“We hope that those we have lost will think about coming back and we will do our best to bring them back and encourage them, but they will have found other roles and He can be happy in his other roles. He doesn’t want to move again. “

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