August 9, 2022

A mother has made an unusual lunch box to take her son to school on his golden birthday.

Filled with lobster and prawn wraps, biscuits and macaroni, her husband, full of praise, posted his creation on Facebook.


The proud father showed his wife’s brilliant creations on a popular Facebook group[/caption]

Nathan from the US shared a photo of her son’s exquisite lunch, decorated with two gold bows and gold wrapping paper to give it a more luxurious twist.

The mother carried her son’s birthday lunch box, which included a special white and gold birthday napkin and gold cutlery.

Nathan wrote: “I wanted to show you the 24K gold lunch my wife made for our son’s golden birthday.

He wrapped it in prawns and lobster and made sure to add everything gold. It even gave its sparkling water a golden color. “

The mother also went to try to make sure that her sparkling water was painted gold.

One user asked what a “golden birthday” was and Nathan explained what the term meant.

“It happens when your age matches the day of the month you were born.” he said.

So if you were born on the 2nd of the month then your second birthday will be your golden birthday.

Many users wished the boy a happy birthday but some users were upset to see the gold can.

Some were worried about how the mother made the water container into gold and whether it was safe because most of the painted food is not safe.

Hopefully he didn’t use spray paint, ‘wrote one woman, but the other replied:’ I think that’s why straw was added. ‘

It seems that the mother has only bought products for her son’s birthday, as hardware supplies such as spray paint and food should never be combined.


Some consumers were concerned about whether it was safe to spray on drinking gold cans.[/caption]

Plus one mom revealed. Why does she pack so much food in her son’s lunch box when she was trolled for ‘over feeding’?.

And organized mothers tell how they are. From behind, the school panicked With labeling and lunch box preparation.

Meanwhile, a nursery specialist shows what they really think about your child’s packed lunch and What it says about your parents’ style..

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