May 23, 2022
NetWest is closing 32 of its UK branches (Photo: Shutterstock)

NetWest has announced that it will close 32 more branches across the UK in the next 12 months.

The decision follows a decline in the use of its branches since the onset of the epidemic and will affect NetWest and Royal Bank of Scotland brands.

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The lender said a new Postal Cash Delivery and Companion Card service has been introduced for vulnerable customers across the country, adding that it will reach out to those affected by the closure to ensure that they In a way that suits them, the bank can continue.

The bank has been quick to reassure customers that it will help those who face challenges in moving online so that “no one is left behind”.

A spokesman for NetWest said: “Like many industries, most of our customers are moving to mobile and online banking, because it is faster and easier for people to manage their financial lives.

“We understand and acknowledge that digital solutions are not right for each and every situation, and when we close branches, we have to make sure no one is left behind.

“We take seriously our responsibility to help people who face challenges in getting online, so we’re investing in helping them and providing alternatives that work for them. Do. “

The number of jobs affected by the closure is not yet known.

The shutdowns come after job cuts last year, which saw NetWest cut 550 roles in its business arm and close its Regents House office in London, home to the bank’s largest tech hub. And had room for 2,500 workers.

A spokesman for NetWest said at the time: “We have decided to invite applications for voluntary redundancy and we will support partners who apply with a comprehensive support package.

“This announcement will not necessarily result in redundancy.”

Which branches will be closed?

The following NetWest branches have been confirmed to be closed in the next 12 months.

– Blairki – Borham Wood – Bluewell & Hucknall – Chelsea – Glingham Cantt – Gosforth – Headingley – Hill University – Leather Head – Leeds Victoria – Manchester Spinning Fields Square – Marlowe – Nottingham City – Piccadilly and Newbond Street – Roislap – Southwest – Tokenham – Windsor and Eaton – Derby Crompton House

The following Royal Bank of Scotland branches will also remain closed in England and Wales.

– Bishops Gate – Cardiff City – Chelmsford – Cheltenham – Hero – Leeds Park Row – Leicester Market Street – London Child & Co Nottingham City Office – Southampton High Street – Wilmslow

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