May 24, 2022
New treatment for children and adults with leukemia (Photo: Getty Images / iStock Photo)

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Cancer treatment

New treatment for children and adults with leukemia (Photo: Getty Images / iStock Photo)

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After a new treatment for children and adults with leukemia, scientists are happy that their cancer has been effectively treated.

Two people treated with CAR-T-cell therapy survived cancer 12 years after their treatment. The cancer cells were destroyed within months of starting treatment, and have not returned.

“We can now conclude that CAR-T cells can cure leukemia patients,” said Carl John of the University of Pennsylvania, who has led the work on the therapy.

The treatment works by shielding T-cells, a type of white blood cell that protects us from viruses and certain cancers. But some cancers are very good at preventing them. Therefore, CAR-T cells are designed to identify and destroy cells that cause two types of blood cancer, leukemia and lymphoma.

The therapy is being used in children and young adults with leukemia and adults with certain types of lymphoma in the UK.

This study gives scientists hope that other patients will respond equally well.

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Strictly live tour

By Lucy Burnett

Strictly Live Tour visits Birmingham.

In January, my mom and I went on a Strictly Come Dancing The Live Tour in Birmingham.

The show started with an incredible group number, which Janet came on stage to host. Dancers John and Johannes started it off with their outstanding pirate of the Caribbean Passodoable. He scored the best 30.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but my top two dances were probably the likes of Tilly Ramsay and Neil’s Revolving Children, Matilda The Musical and Rose and Giovanni’s Symphony by Clean Bandit. The winners were Rose and Giovanni, and they completed an amazing final number.

I liked all the group numbers, but one particular favorite was Johannes’ ballroom. I really enjoyed the show and would rate it 11/10!

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Fair trade means workers’ rights, safe conditions and better
wages, making quality, ethically manufactured products.

World Thinking Day

International Friendship Day celebrated by Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. This is an opportunity to talk about issues that affect girls and young women.


The world’s largest cut diamond, The Enigma, sold for £ 3.16m (Photo: Leon Neil / Getty Images)

The world’s largest cut diamond, The Enigma, sold for £ 3.16m ($ 4.3m)! Little is known about where the diamond actually came from, although it is a billion years old and is thought to have been carried to Earth by an asteroid.

Weekly puzzle

Sudoku Puzzle (Photo: Clarity Media Limited)

Answer to last week’s puzzle:

Answer to last week’s sudoku puzzle (Photo: Clarity Media Ltd.)

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