May 28, 2022

A ministerial aide who has publicly defended Boris Johnson’s loyalty has privately told a circle that the ongoing “party gate” results in the prime minister’s position appearing “terminal”.

The comments came from Lucy Allen, a Conservative MP from Telford and Parliamentary Private Secretary to Cabinet Minister Jacob Reese Mogg. Mr Reese Mogg became minister of Brexit opportunities and government performance on Tuesday.

Ms. Allen has been a loyal and public supporter of the Prime Minister throughout the party gate. In a letter to a constituency last week following the resignation of key aides to No. 10, Ms. Allen stated that she did not support any attempt to remove the PM. However, he added that “the position now looks like a terminal”.

Asked about correspondence, Ms. Allen said Politics“The term ‘terminal’ was used for one component in a letter. لکھ At the time of writing this constituency, the position of the Prime Minister really looked like ‘terminal’ but today it is not.”


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“The prime minister is forming a new team and gaining support. But of course, there is more to come, including the results of the police investigation.”

Ms. Allen also explained Free Mr Johnson’s position in the No. 10 team has changed since last Friday and has been “improved” since recent appointments.

Earlier this week, Ms Allen criticized former Conservative PM leader Sir John Major in a tweet saying: “Trying to remove an elected prime minister with a huge personal mandate, medium term, is against democracy.”

The former Conservative leader has sharply criticized Mr Johnson’s government. He said Mr Johnson and his officials had violated lockdown laws, “tarnished” Britain’s image, and urged Conservative MPs to “vote” for the country in any vote to remove him. Put it before the party. ”

In response, Ms. Allen added: “People who want to do that. [remove the PM] They are destabilizing democracy. If you respect democracy, Mr. Major, Mrs. May, Mr. Hasseltine, etc., do it through the ballot box, not by abusing your power and influence. ”

However, private remarks are a sign of uncertainty within the Conservative Party about the future of the Prime Minister.

This comes after the Prime Minister received a questionnaire from the Metropolitan Police as part of an investigation into the parties in Downing Street and Whitehall. As part of Operation Hillman, Mate is emailing more than 50 people a ‘formal legal status’ questionnaire.

Matt said Wednesday that emails should be answered “within seven days” and that the questionnaire should highlight “recipient’s participation in an event.” If the Prime Minister does not respond within seven days, there will be a fine.

The prime minister’s wife, Kerry Johnson, is also thought to have received an email.

Another former Conservative leader, Ian Duncan Smith, has said. In the newspaper That if the power imposed a fine on them, it would be difficult for the prime minister to remain in office: “I think it would be very difficult for anyone to stay after that. If you made the rules, and you broke them. And the police decide you broke them; and then there’s the Sue Gray report – the two things come together. ”

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