August 10, 2022

Northwest Durham MP Richard Holden has demanded that supermarkets close the unfair gap in petrol and diesel prices between stations in Concert and stations in neighboring Bishop Auckland.

Morrison has slashed its prices slightly, but the MP says more needs to be done and urges others to follow suit.

Circles approached local MP Richard Holden to highlight the more than 10p difference in fuel prices between the Concet and Bishop Auckland petrol stations – even though the same supermarket was run through the chain. And only 18 miles away. Both Morrison and Tesco charge higher prices for both petrol and diesel at the Consett than Bishop Auckland, costing consumers up to £ 5 more to fill the Consett.

2022.01.07 Richard Holden MP Petrol Prices Morrison Tesco Concert Bishop Auckland

Richard Holden MP first wrote a letter to supermarkets on the issue in February 2020, but received no response. He raised the issue again on Twitter last week, demanding an explanation from both Morrison and Tesco. Yesterday he went to the House of Commons to call for his unjust action.

First, raise the issue with the Permanent Secretary of the Department of Business and Energy (BEIS) during the Public Accounts Committee meeting. The Permanent Secretary said that any collusion in prices would be illegal and would be treated with incredible seriousness by the Competition and Markets Authority and that it would ensure that a BEIS team would take up the matter. Look at

Secondly, Richard raised his question in the Commons Chamber and Minister of State for Commerce, Energy and Clean Growth, Greg Hands MP, agreed to meet with Richard as soon as possible to discuss the price of petrol.

Since his intervention, Morrison has emailed Richard and reduced petrol and diesel prices by 1p on his concert site. However, they are much higher than the prices in Bishop Auckland. Tesco has not yet commented.

Richard Holden said:

“My constituency is fed up with being torn apart by big supermarkets with significant differences in petrol prices between Concert and Bishop Auckland – despite the pumps being only 18 miles away.

That is why I have called on both Morrison and Tesco to rectify this unfair practice.

“I appreciate that Morrison has reduced its price gap to 1p, but much more needs to be done, and I look forward to meeting with the Minister of State for Business, Energy and Clean Growth to Talk about what can be done very quickly. “

“I will always do what I have to do to stand up for my constituency against unjust practices.”

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