August 3, 2022

Members of Parliament have accused Rishi Sink of failing to address Britain’s بحران 30 billion fraud crisis when he called for a halt to the rise in cowardly economic crime.

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Current efforts to curb false claims and corona virus support payment scams have ‘failed to stop the surge, start curbing it’. The Treasury Select Committee has warned in a recent report that the board needs to be reformed to prevent billions of pounds in losses.

Mail Stride, chairman of the House of Representatives’ backbench, said going beyond the level of fraud that has plagued the country since the onset of the epidemic would have allowed the chancellor to ease the pain of raising national insurance in April.

The cross-party group’s report warns that economic crime is not a priority for law enforcement agencies and highlights the number of agencies targeting the issue.

This is due to the lack of action by the government following the resignation of the anti-fraud minister Lord Agnio and his efforts to mobilize in defense of his record.

Following Lord Agnew’s resignation, Mr Sink insisted on Twitter that he was “not ignoring” the fraud.

The Treasury Committee has made recommendations, including forcing tech companies to return scammed customers through their platforms. In addition to promoting the companies’ home with the introduction of a £ 100 fee to set up a new business in the hope of retreating against fraudulent online advertising and deterring criminals.

Mr Stride said if the ministers did not intervene, “more lives would be lost”.

Fraud is estimated to have reached bn 30bn a year since the government abandoned its “tragic track record”.

About ً 5 billion in fraudulent loans have been made following fraudulent applications for the Taxpayers’ Guaranteed Boundback Loan Scheme.

Rachel Reeves attacked Rishi Sink in the House of Commons on Tuesday for “fraudulent failures” as Labor sought to assassinate a potential future Conservative leader.

In response to the attack, he insisted that the government was “pursuing anyone who we suspect is a taxpayer.”
Official figures show that by the end of June 2021, fraud and computer misuse had increased by 43% compared to pre-epidemic figures.

Along with these figures, there was a 34% increase in online shopping fraud and a 51% increase in financial investment fraud.

“The cost of economic crime must be sufficient to meet the challenge,” the report said.

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He urged the ministers to consider setting up a single agency dedicated to the issues. The report focuses on aggregate economic crimes, but the Treasury Committee, in a separate future inquiry, vowed to recoup the huge losses incurred by fraudulent fraudulent schemes.

Mr Stride said reducing the damage caused by fraud would help keep taxes low as the worrying increase in living costs was exacerbated.

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