May 20, 2022

EASTENDERS star and matriarch Nina Wadia reflected on her humble beginnings in India at her OBE investment event, revealing that she never in “one million years” thought she would be recognized by royalty.

The 53-year-old actress, best known for her role in the popular sketch show Goodness Graces May, was recognized by Princess Royal at Windsor Castle for her entertainment and philanthropic work.

Wadia shed tears for her late parents, whom she credited for influencing her philanthropic work, and dressed up for the new Netflix show The Sandman, describing the bravery of a winter digger, a DC Comic of the same name. Based on

Katie Piper and Nina Wadia have been nominated for the Order of the British Empire.  Daily Mail Online

The comedian, who grew up in Mumbai, India, before leaving for Hong Kong at the age of nine, wore a stunning blue dress from Bombshell HQ, a silver Vivian Westwood bracelet and a delicate black fancy for the occasion. She was accompanied by her husband, musician Raymond Mirza. .

Wadia told Politiclite that his OBE was saddened that his parents were not around to collect him.

“There’s something about growing up in this little house in India. I never in a million years thought it could happen to someone like me,” he said.

“If they were here, I would have a fight over who to bring – mom or dad.

“I wish they were here, because that would mean a lot. I miss them so much.”

Pausing to wipe away a tear, he added: “My mother would be very proud and very excited.

“It was okay on the surface, I tried to catch it all, in the car I was saying – my makeup is going to work.”

Wadia, who has a son with type 1 diabetes, spoke to Ann about being an ambassador for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and helping other charities, including Diabetes UK and Barnardo’s.

He told Politicolite: “My parents taught me from the beginning that if success starts coming to you, make sure you give something back.

“That’s the way life works, I’ve always believed in it.”

Wadia said she was playing the role of “Motherfucker” in the interpretation of Neil Gammon’s graphic novel The Sandman’s Netflix.

He said: “I have this big wig, and we filmed it in what I think was an excavation in south-west England which was the coldest day in February last year.

“I was wearing a long chiffon blue dress and I had a wind machine.

The director was like, ‘Can’t you shake,’ and I said, ‘No, I can’t shake.’

“It was a lot. It sounds incredible with the bits we’ve seen, a wonderful piece of work, so I’m really excited about it.”

Wadia added that in her performances for roles more relevant than Mother Luck, she adopts the style of interesting people she meets in real life.

“What happens to my work? I’ll meet people who are weird, and I think, ‘I’m going to steal it for a role’ – and hopefully they won’t notice.” he said.

“I’ve always been an eye-opener, I think there are a lot of actors, because it inspires us.

“I like the detail in my work. So when I look at other people, I see how they hold pens, or how they drink their tea, and I try to incorporate that.”

The Netflix version of The Sandman, which also features Stephen Frey and Gina Coleman, has been described as “a perfect blend of modern fiction and dark fantasy, with uninterrupted fusion of modern fiction, historical drama and fiction.” Are. ”

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