May 24, 2022

Russia has amassed enough power to invade Ukraine from all sides – beginning with the capital Kiev, intelligence sources said last night..

President Vladimir Putin could strike tomorrow – possibly without warning.


Reports warn that 60% of Russia’s ground forces are under attack.Credit:
Possibly tomorrow - Putin could invade Ukraine without warning.


Possibly tomorrow – Putin could invade Ukraine without warning.Credit: AFP
A Western intelligence assessment revealed:


A Western intelligence assessment revealed: “We would expect multiple sequential attacks and not a single attack.”

A Western intelligence assessment revealed: “We would expect more than one series of attacks and not one.

“A possible surprise attack against Kiev, using precision strikes.”

Other key cities will be besieged by Putin’s tanks and troops, while planes and helicopters will fire shells.

This serious prediction came as Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky declared Unity Day yesterday and called on his people to stand up at 10 a.m. and sing the national anthem.

He said: “We do not know how to give up and we will not learn to do so.

“We believe in our strength and will continue to build the future together. We are united because of our love for Ukraine.”

Last night, Boris Johnson had a critical discussion with US President Joe Biden after saying that it was “absolutely clear” that Russia would launch an attack in a matter of days.

Reports warn that 60% of Russia’s ground forces are under attack.

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The prime minister cut short his visit to Scotland and went into hiding with the intelligence chiefs.

Mr Johnson warned: “This is a very, very dangerous, difficult situation.

“We are on the brink of a shock, but there is still time for President Putin to step down.

“The signs are; they’re at least planning something that could happen in the next 48 hours. It’s very worrying.”

After chairing an emergency meeting of Cobra, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said the attack was imminent and urged all British people to evacuate by any means.

Briefing MPs privately, Ms Truss said she believed the attack was “very likely”.

Mr Johnson will host further talks today for intelligence and military chiefs.

Armed Forces Minister James Happy said “all conditions have been set for the Russians to attack”, adding that it could be “without notice”.

“This is not a warning about anything that could happen in three months,” he said.

“This is not a warning after which further warnings will be issued.”

“If Russia takes control of the skies, an Afghan-style airport will be made impossible,” he said.

Putin has formed 100 war groups on the border, up from 60 last month and 80 last week.

‘A price edge’

NATO leaders have been warned that 13 more are on their way.

The figure of 100 was considered key to an attack that could simultaneously target Kiev and encircle Ukraine’s best forces in the east.

A total of 140,000 war-ready Russians are on its southern and eastern borders, of which 40,000 are engaged in exercises in northern Belarus.

Terrorists have also entered Ukraine and could kill and attack electricity and gas networks, sources fear.

Russian state TV has launched a propaganda campaign with wild claims that Ukrainian nationalists are about to massacre pro-Russians in the east – saying they will “kill and butcher you all, and your children.” Will be hung on wires. “

Similar tactics were used in the 2014 Russian annexation of Crimea and the end of domestic support for pro-Russian occupation of land in Donbass.

After further manipulative TV coverage, Putin allowed the cameras to film a bizarre exchange in which he planned to go to war.

In a clip hosted on stage, Putin asked his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, whether talks with the West would meet Russia’s demands or “drag on” forever.

Sitting at a long conference table, Lavrov said he would not allow “endless negotiations on the questions that demand a solution today.”

But he urged Putin to keep the door open, saying “there is always an opportunity.”

A British C17 transport plane was flying in and out of Kiev yesterday to evacuate military personnel.

The United States has said it is moving its embassy to Lviv, 340 miles west of Kiev – and has ordered the destruction of computers that could fall into Russian hands.

‘Always a chance’

Oligarchs are reported to have flown on private jets.

Insurers discussed concerns that they could no longer cover the risk of commercial flights.

The Ukrainian government has allocated £ 437 million to guarantee the continuity of flights, anxious to keep the skies open.

German leader Olaf Schulz flew to Kiev today before his trip to Moscow to meet with Putin, in which the peace plea was “the last throw of the pass.”

But Putin has so far refused to comply with his demand that Ukraine be allowed to join NATO.

President Zelensky reiterated his country’s desire to join, risking the Kremlin’s anger.

Putin is sitting with Lavrov.


Putin is sitting with Lavrov.Credit: Reuters
A Ukrainian boy is shown how to use a rifle.


A Ukrainian boy is shown how to use a rifle.Credit: Getty

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