August 10, 2022

Boris Johnson has promised the MP that full official investigations into the parties held on Downing Street during the lockdown will be published.

He added that he did not know when Fell asleepThe senior government employee investigating the case will release its findings.

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Further saying-

“We just have to let the independent inquiries go.”

The results of Save Gray’s investigation are currently being scrutinized by human resources experts and lawyers before being handed over to the government.

The prime minister has announced that he will make a statement once he receives Ms. Gray’s report. دارالععام.

The Labor MP has demanded that the entire investigation be released, including the names of those who attended the parties, as well as the names of the organizers. Labor wants to make sure that opposition parties have enough time to scrutinize the results before discussing them.

Sir Care Starmer Said-

“We will pursue every option to ensure that the report is fully disclosed.”
Families of those who died during the epidemic were entitled to “absolute truth from the Prime Minister.”

Metropolitan police Has launched a separate inquiry into possible law-breaking parties in Downing Street.

Boris Johnson had earlier apologized for the infamous “own booze” party held on May 20, 2020 at the No. 10 Garden. Saying that he thinks it is purely a ‘work event’.

More reports have surfaced recently that a surprise birthday party for the Prime Minister will be held in the Cabinet room in June 2020.

Seo Gray spent weeks investigating government incidents while Cowed was under siege.

During a visit to North Wales, the Prime Minister was asked if the government would publish the full investigation. To which he replied, “Of course.”
In addition, he “fully” adhered to what he said in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

This could be a reference to the exchange between the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, Carey Sturmer, when Mr Sturmer said:

The prime minister’s permanent defense is “wait for the hundred gray report”. On December 8, he told the House, “I will keep a copy of this report in the Library of the House of Commons.

His spokesman has repeatedly said that this means a full report, not part of the report, not a summary of the report, not an amended copy. Will publish as soon as it is received?

The Prime Minister replied:

“We have to leave the report to the independent investigator, as he knows, of course when I receive it, I will do what I have said.”

The purpose of the Save Gray investigation is –

“Quickly establish a general understanding of the nature of the gathering, including attendance, order and purpose, with respect to the existing guidelines.”

Official guidance on the investigation states that –

“The results of the investigation will be made public,” but it added: “After a long period of continuous administration, any specific HR action against individuals will remain confidential.”

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If required, Ms. Gray has the ability to “confirm individual disciplinary action” against anyone attending Downing Street gatherings.

She has already sent some cases to the Met Police, whose separate inquiry is still ongoing. Ms Gray is entitled to share any case with the police if “any evidence is found of conduct that could be a criminal offense”.

Labor, the SNP and the Liberal Democrats have all called for Mr Johnson to resign.

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