May 23, 2022

Scientists are developing a way to bring back long-lost genes. Woolen meme Return to extinction and build an Arctic elephant.

Mammoths disappeared from the earth almost 4,000 years ago.

I have found many well-preserved specimens of woolen memeth. Arctic Perma FrostAnd scientists plan to use it to bring back extinct creatures.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School are now working on ways to attach DNA samples from mammoths to Asian elephants to retrieve their genes from the dead.

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He hopes to make embryos of mammoth elephants in a few years.

With the ultimate goal of creating an entire animal population.

Asian elephants live closest to the woolly mammoth, and they too are facing a war of extinction.

Researchers believe that the cold-resistant genes of mammoths can be combined with modern Asian elephants to survive in colder climates.

The new elephant could be used to restore and improve the Arctic environment.

A geneticist from George Church Harvard Medical School, Explained that it would not be possible to make live meme from genes.

However, any living mammoth gene can still be put to good use.

“We’re trying to get rid of the genes,” he told Harvard Medical School News.
“Field has already done this with two genes that give organisms cold-resistant properties.

“The idea is to safely introduce these and other genes into modern-day elephants so that elephants can live comfortably and restore the Arctic environment,” he added.

Combating climate change is one of the main reasons why Mr Church has helped find a joint venture with a company called Colossal, which has patented gene editing technology. The company is focused on recovering large amounts of DNA.

“All species of elephants are endangered,” he said.

“We are trying to give them a new land in the Arctic, far away from humans, who are the big culprits of extinction.”

“An Arctic elephant is a better term,” he told The Times, linking elephant DNA to mammoth.

Scientists believe that “Arctic elephants” could also help reduce the melting of Arctic permafrost.

Large amounts of carbon and methane are stored under Arctic permafrost. Once it melts, and the gases are released, global warming can increase further.

The rapid growth of trees is making it difficult for the Arctic cold to penetrate into the ground and freeze areas. Elephant-meme hybrids can trample the growth of this new tree, save permafrost and prevent carbon from escaping beneath the surface.

The church explained that “one of the two is that not only will elephants find a new homeland, but their homeland is in dire need of environmental restoration, and they can help,” the church explained.

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“Moving genetically engineered elephants to the Arctic provides an opportunity to isolate large amounts of carbon, or to remove them from the atmosphere and prevent more carbon from escaping.”

Mr Church led a team working on the restoration of wool memeth for eight years before announcing his company Colossal in September 2021.

He first announced his work on creating a new animal in a public speech at the National Geographic Society in 2013.

The company has received $ 15 million in initial funding for experiments in labs in Boston and Dallas.

“This is an important milestone for us,” the church said at the time.

“It’s going to make all the difference in the world.”

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