August 6, 2022

Forecasters have warned that most parts of the UK could experience hurricanes at speeds of up to 90 mph as Hurricanes Dudley and Younes enter Scotland.

Two low-pressure systems have been named that will cause strong winds and possibly snowfall between Wednesday and Friday.

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Hurricane Dudley will hit Scotland from Wednesday night through Thursday morning, while Hurricane Younis will bring strong winds and possibly some snow in some parts of the country on Friday.

The Meteorological Department has issued wind warnings before Hurricane Dudley from 6pm on Wednesday to 9am on Thursday.

Winds of 80 to 90 miles per hour are possible on Scotland’s exposed beaches and hills.

The warning covers parts of southern Scotland, the Central Belt, Strathclyde and Tieside and parts of Fife.

Yellow wind warnings later cover the whole of Scotland from 3pm on Wednesday to 6pm on Thursday, with gusts expected to continue through Thursday afternoon and evening.

A series of weather warnings have been issued.

Another yellow warning is being issued for winds in southern Scotland on Friday, ahead of Hurricane Younes.

Road, rail, air and ferry services are all likely to be affected by severe weather, with longer travel times and cancellations possible, as well as possible restrictions on bridges.

Strong winds can also cause falling trees, damage to buildings and power outages.

Police Scotland’s travel adviser is warning of the high risk of disruption for the duration of the Amber Warning.

Transport Minister Jenny Gilroth said: “The Meteorological Department is warning us to expect another round of disruptions this weekend. Hurricane Dudley is expected to bring strong winds to Scotland. Is facing the worst situation.

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“Strong winds could potentially pose a challenge to the trunk road network, which could lead to restrictions on bridges, so passengers should make sure they plan their journey in advance, drive according to the circumstances and Police follow Scotland travel advice.

“Other modes of transport are also likely to be affected, so if you plan to travel by train, ferry or plane, please contact your operator to make sure your service is still up and running. It is going on. “

Neil Lamsden, chief inspector of road policing, said: “We are asking motorists to be prepared for the possibility of strong winds in Scotland following the Met Office’s weather warning.

“You should give extra time for your trip and drive for road conditions. I would urge motorists to visit the Met Office and Traffic Scotland websites and social media before embarking on their journey. Check, especially in the areas most affected by the predicted adverse weather. “

A spokesman for the Meteorological Department said: “With regard to Hurricane Dudley, the snow will be mostly on high ground, with the highest accumulation in the Grampins.

“Down below, any snow is likely to be short-lived, but when it does come down, blizzard conditions are likely.”

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