May 26, 2022

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is said to be funding his brutal dictatorship like a mafia boss, a political highlight.

This was stated by the former national security ambassador of South Korea Political That can be compared to “The Godfather”.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is visiting Russia in 2019. Credit: Yuri Smityuk TASS via Getty Images

Supreme Leader Kim came to power after the death of his father Kim Jong Il in 2011 at the age of just 27.

After becoming a world leader, Kim was at a crossroads, either trying to modernize North Korea and become a legitimate country on the world stage, or on the path to global crime.

The West had hoped Mr Kim would make North Korea “Western” because of his education in Europe, but he decided to continue his family’s brutal criminal rule.

This was due to the fear of failure, if it modernized too fast, it risked losing its grip on power – like Mikhail Gorbachev, who modernized the Communist Soviet Union in the late 1980s. Tried

Kim, to some extent – tried to modernize – introduced some capitalist policies and large-scale public entertainment for the people of North Korea, but because of his nuclear ambitions, the Supreme Leader was accused of corruption, weapons. Funding the government through global trade and drugs. Trade.

Dual MP blames North Korea for renewing £ 100bn trillion Clyde Bank Post

Hermitage Hermitage was banned due to its relentless efforts to become a nuclear state on par with the United States, Britain, France and Russia.

Sanctions mean that no country in the United Nations can trade with, or trade with, any North Korean company – destroying its economy.

Instead of being a barrier to low-income families – it has led them to crime and corruption, even to the detriment of Westerners.

He does this through a leading secret government organization called ‘Office 39’ – and he earns billions of rupees from it.

New York Post He claimed that Kim “smuggles drugs, weapons and people around the world to evade sanctions.”

North Korean-made clot buster drug sold illegally in South Korea - Radio Free Asia

The office was established in 1974 by Kim’s father, Kim Jong Il.

This was stated by David Maxwell, a North Korean expert and former US Army Special Forces Colonel New York Post: “Where do you think Kim got his Cognac, Mercedes and Rolex watches?”

“All the money to buy this stuff comes from Office 39.”

Sean King, an Asia expert at Park Strategies in New York, told the newspaper:

He said North Korean embassies around the world were operating “like a multinational criminal organization.”

“This is Godfather 3”

Former South Korean national security ambassador Chung Min Lee told Politicolite: “If I compare it to a movie, I would call it Godfather 3.

Amb Chung Min Le on Korea Society - YouTube

When Michael Corleone wants to be a legitimate businessman and step out of the shadow of the mafia government and head a business party he inherited, but without the mafia state the government will not work. He added.

The North Korean government has been called a major criminal cartel.

Guns, drugs, counterfeit cash and cybercrime make an estimated ڈالر 2 billion a year.

“It’s his personal piggy bank and that’s the way he maintains the government,” Lee added.

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