May 23, 2022

A couple who kept ponies in abusive conditions and were practically imprisoned in their stables have been banned from keeping any animals for life.

Barbara Carter, 73, and her husband, Jack, 75, ignored the animals and locked them in an unsafe stable, so the stable door full of feces could not be opened.

The ponies themselves had fur, overgrown hooves, wounds and were unable to stand up properly. He also showed his horrible behavior and disturbing behavior as a direct reaction to the situation.

Members of RSPCA Those who were responding to the case had to dig their way through the garbage and detritus to get to the wooden door to the stable. In order to free the ponies from the prison, the wall of the stable had to be broken along with the door.

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The RSPCA raided Carters’ home when distressed locals expressed concern for the welfare of the animals. The condition of the animals left RSPCA inspectors heartbroken at the negligence and inconvenience of these ponies.

After visiting the property in Tarleton, Lancashire, RSPCA Inspector Vicky MacDonald said:

“I have never seen anything like it in my entire career.”

There have been previous attempts to investigate the pony’s well-being, but Jack Ketter made various excuses as to why he could not.

Eventually, Ms. McDonald’s, along with Lancashire police officers, entered the property in April 2021, only to find that the couple had neglected the basics of caring for nine horses.

Vicky MacDonald said Mr Carter initially denied there were any horses or ponies in the area. However, when pressured into the matter, the ‘hesitant’ investigator agreed to show the stable behind the couple’s home.

Ms. McDonald’s first appeared in front of a gray pony “standing on a deep rotting rubbish that had become so thick that it reached the top of a solid door.”

include –

“The pony was unable to stand fully and his back protruded out of the hole in the solid roof.”

The pony had “overly extended legs” while it had “hoof spread and cork screw”.

Three more ponies were discovered in the same stable, with “little room for them to walk or stand normally.” One of the ponies’ backs had broken the solid roof.

Ms MacDonald said: “They looked very stressed and random. I noticed that all the ponies had mats on their coats.

He also had wounds on his skin, probably had no choice but to lie in his dirt.

“It simply came to our notice then.

To say that the physical and environmental condition of these ponies was shocking is a gross misrepresentation.

He added that it was “clear” that none of the ponies had been released from their stable or had been seen by a ship for a long time – or never.

All four ponies had to be put down after the old couple suffered “long, completely avoidable and completely unforgivable”.

A doctor who was with Ms. MacDonald told The Sun that the conditions under which the animals were kept were “extremely brutal.”

Five additional ponies belonging to Jack and Barbara Carter were once again discovered in a “neglected state” at a nearby property. They had access to food and water but had “a range of health problems.”

Four of the five were put to sleep, the other one was being cared for, rehabilitated and rehabilitated.

Ms. McDonald continued –

It was heartbreaking to find them in such a state of neglect and for them, after such a horrible life, to be out of rescue.

“It simply came to our notice then.

There is no imprisonment.

The couple was released from prison. Preston Magistrates’ Court Because of their medical needs and their age.

The magistrate presiding over the case said that the case had exceeded the limit of detention, instead the couple was given a suspended sentence of 12 weeks.

However, he asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture.

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The court heard how the couple had previously been contacted to work with the RSPCA but refused to help.

The couple is now banned from keeping animals for life and has been ordered to pay £ 500 each.

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