May 23, 2022

Probably because it is so cold, Scotland has seen the emergence of small and independent producers of hot sauce in recent years. They are warming our hearts with their great creations and here are our seven favorites, all of which are available for purchase through their web shops or in person on various stockists.

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Shop online, or track this dollar-based business in a variety of markets and stores, including Lord of bears In Edinburgh, their Dead Hot Sauce, which has two Great Test Award stars, runs the gamut between fruit, tangy and hot, including beetroot, bird’s eye chillies, red pepper and garlic. They say it works especially well with toast and pesto pasta with cheese.

Trudeau Black Dead Hot Sauce

Others to try: They also make Pineapple Armageddon Dead Hot Sauce. Bramble Naga Death Hot Sauce or Melon Jalapino Dead Hot Sauce, all £ 7 each, with £ 1.50 from each of these three bottles currently for charity, Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM).

The business, located in Tarves, Aberdeenshire, started as a hobby of owner Mark Macaulay, but now he is selling his mouth-watering creations. Hat sauce is one of their mild spices, and is made from red mesh with fermented carolina wrappers and peppers, which are terrific among other spicy ingredients. They give it a spice rating of 2.5, so it suits wusses.

Others to try: Their rappers and BlackBerry Sauce, £ 7, have two stars’ Great Taste Award and ⅘ Hat rating, so take care of yourself. We want to try the deceptively soothing pastel green Jalpinos and apples, £ 7, including Trinidad Scorpion peppers. Expect a tail sting.

Singularity sauce hat sauce

If you like a little sweetness with your kick in the pants, try this bright yellow sauce from a family company (couple Demi and Effey, originally from Nigeria) based in Aberdeen. This is another great taste award winner, with a star, and it has yellow bell peppers, mangoes, turnips and white naga peppers. They recommend it as a dip, cooking sauce or pickle.

Others to try: For those who love hot sauce, they also offer hot yellow sauce, spicy BBQ sauce, or green jalapeno sauce, priced at £ 4.50 each, although they offer a range of spices and dried veggies for grill fans. Also do

Boni Sauce Company’s Jalpino and Lime

Guess where they are made? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. It has a billed ingredient, which is softened with beets, apples and other additives.

Others to try: He says the proper name for Gameover, £ 6, is his “hardest sauce ever”. If you are feeling brave, this blend of nuclear power includes Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion, Ghost Chili Pepper and Pure Capsicum Extract. It’s time to burn. For fans of Fruit Huts, there is also a slightly softer Ocean Terminator, £ 5, with pineapple, mango, juicy fruit, Scotch bonnet and other ingredients.

Developed by Laura Sutherland in Glasgow, this blend of peppers, peppers, ginger, garlic and tomatoes is a jam instead of a flowing sauce, but it will still blow your pop socks off. She prescribes it with cheese and crackers, or uses it on crazy food on scrambled eggs. We’re not sure what the other half would say if you bought them something called Hot Mess. Blam us for your divorce proceedings.

Glasgow Pickle Company Hot Mess

Others to try: Sliced ​​Dal Pickle, £ 5, or Tangy Tom Relish, £ 5, but if you want warmth, they also make Fire Mustard, along with whiskey and honey, for £ 4.50.

The company was founded by people behind the Bonnie Barretto restaurant on Edinburgh’s Clerk Street and Larston Place, and it works perfectly with Mexican food. They also say it’s the perfect partner for chicken wings, mixed in salad dressings and with mayonnaise.

Others to try: Their Fire Scotch Bonnet is probably the hardest sauce, which deserves their Dia de los Muertos Skull logo, but it also has Mango and Habanero, as well as Smokey Chipotle, for 4.95 each.

These sauces are made on an oyster farm on the Isle of Lazmor, Loch Lane. It’s a family business, and they’ve diversified into Oystercroft products, with Slainte Sauses being the first line. Although this sauce works perfectly with oysters, like the rest of the range affected by cocktails, it can be used with other meats, on salads, or as a marinade.

Succulent Naga Pepper Ketchup

Others to try: Sadly, they’ve just sold out their other hot stuff – spicy tequila sauce. However, you can still shop online for non-Bernie Port, cherry and pepper sauce, or rum and salted caramel sauce for ice cream, each priced at 6.95.

They make only two hot sauces at this company located on the Scottish borders. This is the smoky number for your chest hair, which has a Mexican flavor, or Caribbean style Scotch bonnet hot sauce, also £ 5. Their secret ingredient is the fermented daikon, which includes a special amulet. Both of these sauces have a great flavor award star. Oops, really.

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