May 23, 2022

One researcher has revealed 20 words that women know – but they are probably a mystery to boys.

Mark Brysbert, director of the Center for Reading Research at Ghent University in Belgium, was the first to follow a word test that analyzed how many words people knew.


The researcher shared 20 words that women know – but it can be a mystery to boys.Credit: Getty – Contributor

Now, it has taken data from an online test in which 220,000 people took part and analyzed the trends in different reactions between men and women.

Words like peplum, tulle, chignon, bandeau and freesia were generally found to be more familiar to women.

He also knew others better than men, such as Sanel, Kohl, Verbina, Setin, Chambers, Pesri, and Viol.

The men, however, found a list more suitable for them, which included words such as neodymium, yakuza, terra flop, strafy, parsick and bashido.

Others are best known by men, including Howitzer, Thermister, Azimuth, Femtosecond, and Mlamp.

The conversation started online, which led to some heated discussions and confusion. Mirror Reported

One female engineer commented: “I know everyone except one on the women’s list and three on the men’s list.

“If you know a little bit about physics, hair and beauty, weapons and clothing, you’ll cover most of the two lists.”

One man wrote: “Men know words, but women do not, and vice versa.

“As a man, I have to say … do women know those real words? I don’t know a single one. I know a lot of men’s words, but not all.”

Professor Brysbaert was the first to lead a study on how many words people know in 2016.

“At the Center for Reading Research, we’re investigating which words are easier to recognize,” he said. Professor Brysbaert explained. The test includes a list of 62,000 words compiled by him and his team.

“Because we have compiled the list ourselves and have not used the commercially available dictionary list with copyright restrictions, it can be made available to everyone, and all researchers can access it. . “

They the study It turned out that an average 20-year-old native speaker of American English knew 42,000 lima – words that did not include names, that feature in the dictionary, and 4,200 non-transparent multi-word impressions.

Large-scale crowd sourcing was discovered experimentally between the ages of 20 and 60, with the average person learning an additional 6,000 lima or about one new lima every 2 days.

You can take a test to find out how many words you know. Here.

Women were more likely to know 20 words.

  • پیپلم
  • Gangs
  • چگنون۔
  • Bandio
  • Frisia
  • Senile
  • Kohl
  • وربینا
  • ڈولہ
  • Roche
  • Espadrilles
  • Damascus
  • Jacquard
  • Whipstitch
  • باؤکل
  • ٹفتا
  • ستین
  • Chambers
  • Pessary
  • the voice
The study found trends in words that were more familiar to different genders.


The study found trends in words that were more familiar to different genders.Credit: Getty

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