May 26, 2022

One of the world’s most brutal drug cartels, the alleged recruiter, is forced to eat the hearts of rivals right out of his chest at a grand opening ceremony.

The infamous Mexican drug gang last month posted disturbing footage of one of its members in the state of Zacatecas eating the heart out of a rival’s chest.


Members of the Jalsko New Generation Cartel are forced to eat raw human hearts.Credit: LiveGorecom
This new recruitment has been recorded as allegedly breaking the heart of the rival.


This new recruitment has been recorded as allegedly breaking the heart of the rival.Credit: LiveGorecom

The recording – which is shocking to publish – shows a member of the infamous Jalsko New Generation Cartel (CJNG) leaning on the body of a rival gangster of the Sinalova Cartel.

The rogue thug starts cutting large pieces from a man’s heart before making an excuse to offer this lifeless body for tasting while another member hacks another corpse in the background.

The victim’s arms were tied and his chest appeared to be open.

The brutal launch ceremony was intended to intimidate members of the Sinalova gang – a cartel once run by drug lord El Chapo – said Dr. Robert J. Bunker, a security analyst and expert at the Mexican cartels. Daily Best.

“In view of his warning to other Mayo Zambada gunmen, the video was clearly prepared for PSYOPS purposes by the CJNG unit involved in the incident which uploaded it on social media,” Bunker said. The bunker said.

As part of the cartel’s “School of Terrorism” that began in 2015, the ruthless group has forced new members to eat the raw human hearts of rival thugs.

Most read in the Scottish Sun.

This heinous act was said to be used to uproot chicks and to test the loyalty of new recruits, but it is said not to be widespread.

Alfredo Castillo, the federal security commissioner for the Mexican state of Mikoacan, said in 2015: “This ritual ranged from dismembering the people they intended to kill, sometimes to serving the heart.”

CJNG recruits are trained through a highly combat course that includes learning how to use weapons and setting up secret locations in Zacatecas.

Within three to four months, recruiters are forced to eat human flesh and are taught how to cut their fingers and toes – the cartel’s favorite torture technique for questioning rival groups.

A former CJNG member told the Daily Beast: “They are given a choice to eat in front of the boss.

“You have to do it without reacting or vomiting or you will be beaten. If you did not want to. [eat human flesh] They will not let you go, they have taken you there. “

Recitts are forced to sleep with the dead at night to numb them, and anyone caught violating the rules is brutally killed.

CJNG is one of the largest and most prominent gangs in Mexico and Puerto Rico, led by Nemesis ‘El Mancho’ and Osiguera Servants.

JNGC operates drug lines in Mexico and Puerto Rico.


JNGC operates drug lines in Mexico and Puerto Rico.Credit: Twitter / Dubitandum_

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