May 23, 2022

Ozzy, 61, the world’s oldest male guerrilla, was found dead by his care team at his residence. Atlanta Zoo on Tuesday.

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The cause of Ozi’s death has not been determined, and zoo officials are awaiting the return of the necropsy results. The Western Hemisphere guerrilla was diagnosed with Covid 19 last December, but it is not known if it caused his death.

Veterinary staff at the Zoo Atlanta reported last Thursday that the guerrilla had lost his appetite because he had difficulty eating, according to a press release from Zoo Atlanta. Her symptoms increased 24 hours before her death. He was weak, his face was swollen and he could not eat or drink.

Zoo Atlanta said on Twitter –

“Our hearts are broken by the death of a legend. The Atlanta Zoo is devastated, with Ozzy, the world’s oldest male guerrilla, dying at the age of 61.

Ozzy, the western lowland guerrilla, was the only surviving member of a group of guerrillas who arrived at the zoo in Atlanta in 1988.

He also made a history of animals in 2009 as he was the first imprisoned guerrilla to volunteer for a blood pressure test.

Ozzy has been named the world’s third-oldest guerrilla after Fatou, 64, at the Berlin Zoo in Germany, and Helen, 63, is the second oldest at the Louisville Zoo in Kentucky.

President of the Zoo Atlanta and CEO Raymond B. King Said in a statement

“This zoo is a catastrophic loss for Atlanta. While we knew this time would come one day, this inevitability does nothing to alleviate the deep sorrow we feel at the loss of a legend.”

include –

“Ozzy’s life contributions are indelible, he is left behind in the generation of individuals, in the guerrilla population and in the body of knowledge of the world, in caring for his descendants. Our thoughts are with his care team, who He has lost a part of his life and a part of his heart.

Ozzy, along with 13 other gorillas, tested positive for COVID-19 at the Atlanta Zoo in September. Atlanta Zoo staff made the diagnosis after experiencing symptoms similar to guerrilla cod.

Zoo officials believe that the vaccinating employee passed the virus despite wearing PPE and not being symptomatic.

Dr. Sam Rivera, Senior Director of Animal Health at the Atlanta ZooThat Atlanta Journal Constitution Atlanta zoo gorillas have identified the second group of giant monkeys infected with the respiratory virus, after eight other people became infected at the San Diego Zoo safari park last January.

He told the magazine that since the guerrillas live in close groups, it is impossible to isolate any infected animals. Other zoo Atlanta guerrillas will be vaccinated with the veterinary vaccine, along with its Sumatran and Borin orangutans, Sumatran tigers, African lions and cloud leopards.

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Ozzy is survived by his daughter Kochi, his sons Cecla, Steady and Charlie, his granddaughter Lulu, his great-granddaughter Andy, and his great-granddaughter Floyd. They are located in other zoos in the United States and Canada.

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