May 23, 2022

Downing Street said there was no sign of Russia “retreating” amid the crisis on the Ukrainian border.

In a message to European allies, Mr Johnson said the world needed to show what the political and economic cost of attacking Russia would be, including ending its dependence on gas.

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“This is a very, very dangerous, difficult situation, we are on the verge of a ups and downs, but there is still time for President Putin to step back,” he said during a visit to Rosith Shipyard in Scotland. Go. “

Russian rocket launches from the missile system during the main phase of the Kavkaz-2020 Strategic Command and Staff exercises at the Kapustan Yar Training Ground, Russia, on September 26, 2020, distributed through the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense. AP

He called for more talks and urged Russia to refrain from “destructive” attacks.

An official spokesman for the prime minister said: “It is certainly true that we have not seen any sign of Russia retreating. There are more than 130,000 Russian troops on the border with Ukraine and we are deeply concerned.

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Russia-Ukraine crisis: Boris Johnson urges Vladimir Putin to ‘step back’

“But we will continue to look for all possible ways to get Russia back on track.”

Asked if there was a possibility that the House of Commons could be recalled, the prime minister’s official spokesman said: – And in that case you would expect the Prime Minister to want Parliament to be updated and to have its say.

He said that no such discussion has taken place with the Speaker yet.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss will chair a meeting of the Cobra Emergency Committee on Monday to discuss the consular response to the Ukraine crisis.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will chair a full Cobra meeting on Tuesday to consider Britain’s response to the crisis.

A spokesman for No. 10 said: “This afternoon the Foreign Secretary will chair a (Cobra) meeting to discuss the consular response to the crisis in Ukraine, followed by an update on the travel consultation on Friday.

The prime minister will hold a security briefing with his intelligence chiefs today.

“Tomorrow the Prime Minister will preside over a full meeting of (Cobra) to discuss the UK’s response to the current situation.”

Downing Street said British citizens should not expect “military aircraft” from Ukraine and that British citizens should leave Ukraine by commercial means.

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