May 23, 2022

Walt City Brewing, known for making innovative and innovative sour beers, has made the initiative permanent on its brewery, bar and office sites as part of its commitment to a healthy and balanced workplace culture. Has made

The company has been testing small work weeks since last year. It is believed to be the first commercial brewery in the UK to introduce a four-day working week for staff.

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The firm’s 13 employees now work Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., reducing the working week from 40 hours to 35. The new working schedule was phased out in eight months from April last year.

Wendy Rechtica, Production Supervisor at Walt City.

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Staff, breweries and bar operations at all levels of the business working in the Walt City office are already enjoying the transformation, with many people taking annual vacations, appointments and childcare, improved mental health, and energy and Appreciates the growing flexibility around increasing productivity levels.

Charlotte Brooke, Walt City’s Brewing Sales Coordinator, said: “The work / life balance that I get allows me to enjoy my time to the fullest and manage a long weekend without the need for extra time.

“I feel less tired, more relaxed mentally and emotionally and generally better. I don’t think I’ll be able to go back five days a week now.”

Walt City co-founder Steven Smith Hay has had the idea of ​​four days in mind ever since he left a corporate career that included the mantra of starting a firm in 2018 at BT and TSG.

Despite the expectation of significant challenges, especially implementing it around the unpredictable production schedule of a fully functioning commercial brewery, Mr. Hee said he knows the right balance of work and life for his team. Creating is fundamentally important.

He said: “It’s a challenge at the best of times to grow something small, but when your size has more than tripled, and it’s impossible to commit to a four-day work week after opening the bar. It may take some time.

“However, we understand that the balance of work and life is a big part of our culture and it is worth striving for.

“The four-day working week is not fully heard in the winemaking world – an industry that has developed a reputation for long hours and hard grafting.

“Honestly, it was part of my motivation – to create a different way of working. Although it has not come without its challenges.

“As the first commercial brewery in the UK to offer our team this way of working, there was no blueprint to follow.

“Initially, it is necessary to be disciplined so as not to fall back into the old habits of five-day working patterns, especially since many of our customers work in hospitality where the weekends are often They are more active. ”

Although office teams in Walt City quickly adapted to the work schedule during last year’s phased introduction, the business development arm posed further hurdles, especially since fermentation does not work on schedule. does.

Mr Hee said: “Making beer can be unpredictable, especially in the world of mixed fermentation. There are situations when cooking and packaging are released that can change quickly and require immediate attention.

“In those moments we had to use overtime pay to make sure we got things under control.”

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