May 22, 2022

For one split second, it was ‘the best goal in history.’

Romania’s top flight goalkeeper Iustin Popescu fired a goal kick on the sideway at teammate Adrian Scarlatache, who saw the ball from his heel.


CS Mioveni keeper Iustin Popescu kicks a teammate Adrian Scarlatache for an unbeaten goal.Credit: Don’t know, clear with picture desk
Defender Adrian Scarlatich looks surprised when the ball comes back from him.


Defender Adrian Scarlatich looks surprised when the ball comes back from him.Credit: Don’t know, clear with picture desk

CS Mioveni’s flop was popped on social media – but referee Ovidiu Hategan dismissed the goal.

He decided that the ball was still moving when Popesco dropped it to take a goal kick.

FC Argus was furious when Meowney was released.

But they can’t complain much because Mioveni had already gifted them a 1-0 victory with a real goal which was almost as crazy!

Just seven minutes later, Alexandro Isfan pulled to the right for a pullback, which Dorenal Onsia saw with a delicate touch.

Unfortunately for Onesia, though, it was a touch she regretted.

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As soon as the ball landed in front of the six-yard box, the right-hander hesitated, before throwing the ball into the far corner of his own net from the side-footed one.

Seven minutes later came the moment when Popesco would like to forget – and in a sense, thanks to the sharp-eyed referee.

The 28-year-old stopper kicked hard towards his Romanian teammate Scarlatich, who was running backwards in the middle of six yards.

The former Denamo Bucharest defender made a funny move when he saw the ball move towards him.

But he made his own goal even more spectacular as it flew from behind his feet.

Popesco looked at referee Hatigan in frustration – and with a quick whistle he got the answer.

Surprised Arges Protests by players – and Popescu online.

Journalist Emmanuel Rousseau tweeted a Luck Sport clip of the incident, saying: “The best goal in the history of football was scored only in Romania’s top flight.

“The referee canceled it because the ball was still hitting when the keeper hit it. Scenes!”

Poor Popesco was infamous for a second – but would certainly be relieved for a long time.

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