May 27, 2022

I am not suggesting that it be immediate. I am just saying that we are witnessing his political twilight before a black shroud is drawn on his party.

He and his associates will only be saved from political scandal if they give enough time to a successor to restore confidence in the nationalist cause.

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That is unlikely. Those who have remained in his party are now firmly attached to him and seem incapable of any free thought or action.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon speaks during the First Minister’s question. Photo: Jeff J. Mitchell / Pool / AFP via Getty Images

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Thus, the arrogance of Habs is now what we are seeing – observe the abandonment of any rational plan to convince the Scots that leaving the UK would come in economic and cultural sense – to appeal to the basic vote. In favor of the bold claims, but which immediately rejects. The middle ground of thoughtful and perceived voters that must be won.

We are at a stage where not only is the Prime Minister defending the ridiculous idea of ​​cutting down the bottom of classroom doors to help air flow – as a legitimate response to the epidemic – but also the imaginary historical Talks about rights are ongoing. The right to fund Scots pensions through English taxpayers.

Demonstrators like comics soon wear hiccups and so last week it happened that me and others didn’t show the flaws of these two mistakes of Sturgeon’s own choice so soon, then they had to get out of them by Thursday. Was trying .

The only privilege of the state pension known as our salary (instead of the self-financier) is in the hope that our country’s future taxpayers will fund our pension as we did your grandparents and parents. Has provided financial support. This is how it works.

As Sturgeon argued earlier, the Scots paid the full cost of our previous pension and also considered that British citizens could not be future Scottish taxpayers, claiming only the future Scottish tax. It is about the responsibilities of the payers – not the ones we may have already left in England.

It is only for Scotland to pay the pensions of its future pensioners. If there are any historical assets and liabilities that need to be negotiated, it is important to point out what the Scots will have to pay to England for refunding historic payments if Scottish taxpayers do not pay enough. I strongly suggest that Nicola Sturgeon should not go there.

In-depth observers may have noticed that Ms Sturgeon and her Praetorian Guard marched on Scottish political extremists in the hope of gaining basic support by declaring the unthinkable common and unpopular trivial and reasonable.

After ousting local councils from their power and finances, centralizing local decision-making, and destroying public service capacity, from health to education, from policing to our independent prosecution service, The most egregious is to attract Eurofiles to their armies.

The new norm is that after secession from the United Kingdom, an independent Scotland could become dependent on the European Union as a member using the fully paid euro within three to four years.

Yet this brigadier is the stuff of folklore, a journey to a mystical land that exists beyond SNP fantasy.

Whatever the possibility of early accession to the EU – and the fact that the SNP has buried its confidential report on the possibility of Scotland meeting the EU’s “Copenhagen standard”, it is clear that at least ten This is unlikely for years. The fact is that the Scots do not want to sacrifice trade, jobs, pensions, savings and the ease of traveling to work with friends, family and England, given the tight border between Brooke and Carlyle.

If the Northern Ireland Protocol has achieved something, it is to point out the difficulties of trade in goods with the intention of the non-compromising European Union to set an example for Britain.

There is no Irish sea between Scotland and England to bury the border. If Scotland joins the EU, the border will be tight and it will need more hardware and infrastructure like a checkpoint Charlie than a McDonald’s drive-through to stop English exports.

If the Brexit-batters could argue that there are queues on the M20 near Dover for hours – and they do – why wouldn’t trucks on both sides of the A1 and M74 / M6 have the same mileage? And if Johnson’s government decides that the path to British prosperity should deviate beyond EU norms (as it has shown signs of doing so out of gratitude), then the gul
f between England and the EU’s Scottish colony It will increase even more, which will require all sorts of inspections on the equipment. Animals and people with newly made tartan curtains.

And Sturgeon has already stated that it is not his policy to hold a Scottish referendum on EU membership, with the result that the UK will join the EU, although no agreement has been negotiated.

Knowing this, would the Scots choose to be closer to Brussels than to Birmingham, Brecken or Belfast? To suggest that we would look like another appeal for a hardcore vote of Sturgeon instead of attracting a reasonable public.

I conclude that Sturgeon no longer has the confidence to win the referendum. Rather, she is holding on to power until she finally leaves. For the sake of our children, relying on our poorest and weakest public services, he has left an irrelevant thing, his imprisoned leave cannot come soon.

– Brian Monteith is editor of ThinkScotland and a former member of the Scottish and European Parliament.

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