May 20, 2022

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace called the diplomatic effort to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine “satisfactory” because he said it was “very likely” that Vladimir Putin had ordered the attack despite concrete talks to stop the war. Will give

Ben Wallace said there was a “Munich wave in the air”, apparently in reference to the agreement that allowed German annexation of Sudetenland in 1938 but failed to prevent World War II.

Kiev, Ukraine

The cabinet minister, who visited Moscow this week as part of a unique diplomatic spell, expressed concern when US President Joe Biden warned his Russian counterpart that the attack was a “massive humanitarian catastrophe.” Will cause

During an hour-long phone call, Mr Biden told the Russian president that an attack would “diminish Russia’s status” as growing fears of an attack prompted Westerners, including Britain, to flee Ukraine. ۔

Ukraine: Russia has almost completed the preparation of troops for a possible attack.

Mr Wallace said in an interview with the Sunday Times that Moscow could “strike at any time” with an estimated 130,000 Russian troops and heavy firepower along the Ukrainian border.

The Kremlin is firing missiles before a possible attack.

“It may be that he (Putin) just closes his tanks and we all go home, but the sound of Munich can be heard in the air from some west,” he added.

One source explained that Mr Wallace had concerns that if Mr Putin attacked, “whatever could happen, all diplomacy would be a straw man”.

U.S. officials have said they received intelligence that Russia was considering Wednesday as a target date for the attack, but it was not clear how final the intelligence was.

But Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, trying to mitigate the threat, said: “The best friend of our enemies is panic in our country. And all this information is only spreading panic and cannot help us.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova accused the White House of spreading “hysteria.”

Diplomatic efforts on Saturday included French President Emmanuel Macron sharing a call with Mr Putin, but it was understood that Boris Johnson, who spoke to the Russian president earlier this month, was with Moscow. There was no default call.

The Foreign Office is urging British citizens in Ukraine to “leave now while trade channels are still available”.

Armed Forces Minister James Happy has warned that Russia is capable of attacking the Ukrainian border “very soon” with an estimated 130,000 troops.

But on the contrary, when the Taliban took control of Kabul, Mr. Happy insisted that the RAF would not withdraw in the event of a war in Ukraine.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said she discussed her “grave concerns” with US Secretary of State Anthony Blankenship during a call on Saturday that Russia “could launch more military aggression against Ukraine in the coming days.” ۔

“We agree that Russia will face serious consequences from any attack, including tough sanctions,” he said.

In Ukraine, British nationals, numbering in the thousands, were ordered to leave on Friday night, with passengers arriving on a flight from Kiev to Gatok Airport on Saturday afternoon.

Among them was Haider Ali, a 21-year-old from Birmingham, who said the warning had caused “considerable panic” with fellow students at the Danipro Medical Institute.

The British ambassador to Ukraine, Melinda Siemens, was staying in Kiev with a “core team”, but some embassy staff and their families were being recalled.

Mr Wallace said the attack could happen “at any time”, while US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said the attack was a “credible possibility” before the end of the February 20 Winter Olympics.

Western leaders have threatened Moscow with a damaging package of sanctions if it invades Ukraine further.

Ukraine is not a member of NATO and allies in the defense alliance have said they will not join the fighting in Ukraine, but they have strengthened forces in neighboring countries and threatened large-scale sanctions.

Although the Kremlin insists it is not planning an attack, US intelligence says Russia could create a “false flag” to attack.

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