May 22, 2022

A lorry driver faces a court battle over his noisy cockroaches that have reportedly woken up neighbors at 4 a.m. for years.

Jesse Marson, 33, failed to reduce the distress after being issued with a noise reduction order.


Jesse Marson, 33, calls herself Crazy Chicken Lady.Credit: Yorkshire Live / Main
He is facing a court battle over the noise of his cockroaches.


He is facing a court battle over the noise of his cockroaches.Credit: Yorkshire Live / Main

She called herself the “Crazy Chicken Lady” and said she could not imagine life without them or the rest of her animals, including geese, goats and pig-bred pigs.

But neighbors say they have caused trouble for three years since the first complaint was made to Kirklees Council in West Yorkshire in 2019.

A resident said in a witness statement: “The noise of the crows has affected our daily lives and continues.

“It’s not just a bird that occasionally crows, many birds are kept.

“Usually, once one starts, other birds join at the same time or with a continuous roar.”

Manchester Evening News (MEN) reported a neighbor’s claim that his “health” had been affected and that his garden’s “fun” had been ruined.

The resident added: “The birds are in a straight line, about 120 meters above the height of our bedroom window.

“The number of birds has increased over time, which has exacerbated the problem.

“We believe that at least six cockroaches have been placed since 2019 and possibly 10 or more.”

Jess, who has an animal welfare background, faces a day in Kirklees Magistrates’ Court.

He told the men: “I love these cockroaches. I don’t have children, so these animals are like my ‘children’.

“Obviously, it doesn’t feel good when you’re awake, but it’s a semi-rural area and I rent land from a local farmer.

“I went crazy when I found out that there was a complaint. I would like the person concerned to come to me personally instead of complaining through the council.

“I’ve put anti-cove collars around the cockroaches’ necks that narrow their path and muffle the sound, and I think it makes a difference.

“I’ve done it on all of them, but it works better on some of them than others.

“The council wants me to put them in the dark box, but I think it’s cruel.”

It comes after a nightmare neighbor who let his friends park on the front door drive was taunted for taking the liberty.

We specifically revealed that a widow suspects her neighbor of trying to change her energy provider after a pile of rubbish.

And a council was forced to intervene in the neighborhood row over garden decoration.

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