May 28, 2022

A DAD has died of a brain tumor after seeing symptoms within 24 hours of a TV show at A&E, completely destroying his family.

Glenn Farley knew something was wrong when he saw a patient on a popular Channel 4 show with similar symptoms.


Glenn Farley died 19 months after being diagnosed with an invasive brain tumor.Credit: SWNS
Proud father faces surgeries and chemo in 2019 to enable his daughter Katie, 31, to walk down the aisle


Proud father faces surgeries and chemo in 2019 to enable his daughter Katie, 31, to walk down the aisleCredit: SWNS

The 51-year-old had earlier been discharged by doctors after suffering a foot injury.

But after witnessing a 24-hour incident at A&E, he and his wife Thomasina returned to the Royal Gwent Hospital in Wales where they were tested and diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain tumor called glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). ۔ Mirror.

Proud father and grandfather died 19 months later, surrounded by family.

Thomasina still remembers the day Glenn asked her to be taken to the hospital for a checkup.

“I’m not good at watching any medical on TV because it makes me nervous,” he said.

“After Glenn told us about the patient 24 hours in A&E, we went straight to the hospital instead of calling the doctor.

Most read in the Scottish Sun.

“It was incredibly shocking to hear the diagnosis and we were told that the average survival rate for someone with GBM is only 12-18 months. We were heartbroken.”

Glenn, a Newport steel worker, was previously hospitalized on suspicion of dragging his leg.

He was released after a body scan under his neck and nothing was found.

The next day, while at home, he had multiple seizures and was taken to the hospital again after a patient at the famous medical show experienced similar symptoms.

A scan of Glenn’s head revealed a rapidly growing tumor in his brain.

“Our family really gathered for us during this difficult time, especially my sister’s husband, Chris,” said Thomasina.

“He took her to his treatment, physio and gym every day, even when Glenn was ready to go back to his first football match.

“They were more than family, they were best friends and they worked together.”

Glenn underwent brain surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and was told he would never walk again, but in July 2019, he fought his daughter, 31-year-old Katie, down the aisle.

He died tragically four months later – the same day as his son Luke’s 33rd birthday.

Thomasina said: “You don’t know if he has a brain tumor to look at. He kept saying: ‘Should I have a headache or something?’ Because he felt good about himself and he didn’t feel bad. “

She and her eldest granddaughter, Macy, now walk 10,000 steps a day in February to research a brain tumor.

“My aunt and I are still enjoying the challenge, all of our family members have encouraged us.

“Glenn must have liked it and I know he will be very proud of what we are doing to help other families who are going through something similar.”

According to Mail Tiley, from Brain Tumor Research, less than 12% of patients diagnosed live less than five years, compared to an average of 50% of all cancers.

Glenn died surrounded by his family.


Glenn died surrounded by his family.Credit: WNS
Glenn with wife Thomasina


Glenn with wife ThomasinaCredit: WNS

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