August 10, 2022

Birthdays aren’t just about extending one more year – they’re the best way to cash in for free and discounted from all your favorite brands.

Many leading names offer free or paid offers on your special day, as long as you sign up for their rewards scheme or newsletter.


There are many freebies that you can cash in on your birthday.Credit: Getty – Contributor

You can usually get a free grub while eating out, or get a voucher to spend at stores.

Or you can get a piece of cake to celebrate or even a free bottle of Fez to open in joy.

Since Christmas has arrived, and the romance is over, the next thing most Brits have to wait for is a birthday present for any lucky Valentine.

But did you know that you can cash in on a lot of things to help you celebrate this day?

This is when users on Facebook share how much they have managed to snatch for themselves.

One user shared. Reduce your supermarket costs. That they managed to hit six stores on their big day and claimed more than £ 20 worth of freebies.

The post received about 200 likes as the bargain hunter revealed that he had received vouchers of choice for Hotel Chocolate, The Body Shop, Hobby Craft and more.

And nothing says Happy Birthday like a free cake, which the old Saver took over Costa that day as another reward.

We’ve compiled some of the top deals you can get.

For most free or discounts you only need to sign up for newsletters or loyalty cards.

But they will not usually charge anything to join.

Although you should keep in mind, those offers may change from time to time and are not guaranteed to arrive in your inbox – although it is a nice bonus when they do.

Here are some examples of what you can get to celebrate your next trip around the sun:

On the high street


In Greggs you can get a free dessert for your birthday.

You may decide to go for a donut, which will usually return you around 95p.

To claim though, you need to sign up for the Rewards app.

This is a free app and once you register your birthday you will receive a voucher on the day you can display a free cupcake, cream cake or donut in the store.

You don’t just have to use it for your birthday because it’s still useful after a month – but you can only claim a sweet treat, so once it’s over you Will have to wait until next year.

Crispy cream

Birthday rewards are great if you are a fan of donuts as Krispy Kreme also offers free rewards to birthday people who sign up for rewards.

If you sign up for the free loyalty scheme on the Krispy Kreme app, you can get a voucher to display in the Krispy Kreme store for a free donut of your choice.

You typically pay up to 25 2.25 for treatment, but you can claim only one free during the entire month of your birthday.

Unfortunately you can’t claim fraud on stands like Tesco – it has to be a decent crispy cream store.

Hotel Chocolate

Anyone who is a VIP member of Hotel Chocolate gets £ 5 to spend at the store on their birthday.

The catch is that you usually have to spend at least 5 to use it.

It’s free to become a VIP. All you have to do is download the free Hotel Chocolate app.

This is true for the month of your birthday, but if you sign up before your birthday starts, it will not be redeemed immediately, and you will have to wait until next month.

Body shop

At the body shop you can find another fiver to spend on your birthday products.

If you sign up for the free body shop “Low Your Body” loyalty card, you can get £ 5 to spend on your birthday online or in-store without spending a minimum.

This lasts for up to a month after your birthday so you don’t have to go out right away, but keep in mind that you won’t get any change from the 5 voucher so you can get your money’s worth. You have to spend it. Once

The rules are a bit strict and have made at least one purchase using the first card in the last 12 months to be eligible.


Get a free birthday cake in Costa.

You must have a free Costa Coffee app to get started though.

Once you’ve downloaded it and set up your details, you’ll need to opt into marketing as well and make sure your birthday settings are correct.

When your big day arrives, open the app and check out the rewards screen. A voucher is waiting to be used on the cake of your choice.

You can use the QR code that pops up on the voucher space on the app when you come to pay and it will free up your cake for this transaction – it will only work once. Therefore, choose the treatment wisely. .

Hobby craft

Craft lovers can also get £ 5 to spend on Hobby Craft on their birthday.

You register online, provide your birthday details, and once you have all signed up for the free Hobbycraft loyalty card, you will receive your voucher.

There’s no minimum cost, but you only have two weeks to use it after your birthday – so you’ll need to cash in quickly.

Out for dinner

Frankie and Benny

If you’re treating yourself to dinner at Frankie and Benny to celebrate the big day, you can get a free main meal or a bottle of prosciutto for just £ 10.

The catch is that you will have to buy another meal to redeem, but this is not a bad thing if you are out to celebrate with friends and family and there are plenty of you at the table.

Register with Frankie and Benny’s prizes to get a voucher for FreeB or Discount Phase – but make sure you do it well in advance as it will arrive 10 days before the big day.

It works for 50 days even though you will have plenty of time to cash in on the food.

Pizza Express

You can get a free bottle of Prosico on your birthday at Pizza Express.

You’ll need to buy two main meals to claim a Phase Bottle, but it can save you from having to go out to wash your dinner on a special day.

You will need to sign up for the Pizza Express newsletter to get the fraud first.

You’ll only get one bottle for the table and it’s only valid for your birthday or for the next two weeks, so don’t leave it too late to cash in.

Under the shops


Shoppers have revealed that they can get a 30% discount on flowers at the store in Morrison for their birthday.

You will need to shop at Morrison on your birthday to sign up for more cards and claim the offer.

But a huge discount can give you a great gift on this day, or cash in on your own prize for someone else’s close birthday while you’re celebrating your birthday.


At Lidl you can get free cookies on your birthday.

Lidl Bakery Discount is everyone’s favorite part of the supermarket, but save 39p on a cookie on your big day, and get it for free with the Rewards app.

You will need to sign up for Lidl’s free Lidl Plus scheme on its free app – the free cookie coupon will appear on your birthday app which is ready to redeem you.

But there is only one week left to cash in, so if you do not want to lose it, you have to work fast.

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