May 26, 2022

Riverside Scotland, a social housing provider, has called on housing associations to provide more new homes north of the border – citing figures from the Scottish Government. There has been a total decline of more than a third since 2019 in the building industry.

The organization – which is the trade name of Irwin Housing Association and part of The Riverside Group – said that according to the latest quarterly statistics from Hollywood, 14,834 new homes were added to the national housing stock in 2020, up from the previous ones. The years were less than 22,673, not just over. An increase of three years, but it is also the lowest figure since 1947.

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Furthermore, with the exception of the war years, the number dropped to 12,468 in 1931 and 12,464 in 1930.

Riverside Scotland (File Image) says the number of new homes in Scotland fell by more than a third in 2020 amid coveted restrictions. Photo: Jeff J. Mitchell / Getty Images

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Riverside added that house-building in Scotland has seen “numerous peaks and falls” since its early post-war rise, with the number reaching 39,548 in 1953. Activities then plummeted to 26,761 in 1962 – “relatively low at the moment, but still higher than anything achieved in the 1980s, 1990s or 21st century”, according to the housing expert.

It also signaled another “clash” from the mid-1960s to the end, which saw completion in 1970 reach 43,126, but then accelerated, and then slowed down until the 2008 financial crisis. But steady growth, but only 15,053 new homes were completed in 2012 – a record low at the moment.

Riverside added that the social sector appears to be slightly more buffered than the private sector, with a small percentage reduction in real estate.

In addition, Riverside is currently building Scotland’s largest social modular housing development in Dundonald, Ayrshire, saying the £ 9.8 million project would provide 63 affordable homes. It is also building 77 properties in Terry Holm and 50 in Moncton, both in the region.


Across the UK, it saw a 24% drop in its own house building in 2020/21 compared to 2019/20, mainly due to the effects of site closures during lockdowns – but it predicts that by 2021 Data recovery will show continuity. , And it predicts a 95% bounceback in 2022, 48% higher than the 2019 level.

It also said that the data show that the industry was already growing again by the end of 2020, with approximately 5,177 homes completed in the fourth quarter, compared to 3,969 in the third quarter, and the other three in the year. There were only 722 in the months.

Looking at specific cities, the number of completions in Aberdeen dropped by almost half in 2020 to 572. Edinburgh – that is Dealing with the housing crisis – 37.9 percent fell to 2,045, and Glasgow fell 32.9 percent to 1,008.

Riverside boss Diana McLane said: “Since the construction of the house has been disrupted by the Cowade, it is even more important that the housing associations fulfill their ambitions to provide more new homes in Scotland.

“While a global health emergency has wisely played a role in ending housing construction, we are increasingly focusing on our role in helping the Scottish Government provide much-needed affordable housing. . “

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