May 26, 2022

Relations across the country are coming to an end. This is because many people claim that their partner is not clean enough, new research shows.

Report from Ideal home show Analyzes attitudes towards home hygiene in partnership with NetWaste. Furthermore, it shows how important hygiene is when looking for a mate.

One in ten (10%) admit that they have broken up with their partner because of poor hygiene. The results show that this is the second most important thing that people look for in a potential partner.

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The most important features in a potential / existing partner Percent
1. His humor 61%
2. The habit of cleaning them 59%
3. Take care of their grooming 39%
4. His family / friends 26%
5. Their shapes 25%
6. Their financial situation 15%
7. Their work 13%

More than a third (36%) of the proud British households clean their homes every day, so it is not surprising that the nation spends almost a whole week (6 days and 7 hours) cleaning every year. Some people are so obsessed with keeping their home life clean that they go after their partner and hire a secret cleaner (6%).

While most people prefer to clean their homes, those who hire cleaners do so because they are too busy (49%) and only about a quarter (24%). They don’t like cleanliness and don’t admit to being too lazy. Do it yourself (15%).

On the other hand, one in ten (10%) are worried that their family and friends will think that if they hire a cleaner they will be lazy and even a small 2% say that They clean up because their partners think it’s attractive.

Discussing the research, Giles Perry, Media 10’s event director, the organizers of The Ideal Home Show, in partnership with NetWest, said: To see more than six million posts on this topic, you just have to search #cleaning on Instagram.

“We wanted to know how much the British value cleanliness in home and family life, and it is clear from our research that cleanliness is a top priority – both in terms of building a happy home and, interestingly, in relationships. Also

“The demand for cleaning products at the Ideal Home Show in partnership with NetWest is high all the time and we have a lot of cleaning tips and hexes available throughout the event.”

The world’s longest exhibition, in partnership with Ideal Home Show, NetWest, will return to Olympia London from Friday 11 to Sunday 27 March 2022. During the 17 days of the show, a host of experts and celebrities will host a Q&A session on stage. For more information and tickets, please visit.

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