May 23, 2022

Send a card to a loved one.

Flora Proactive This Valentine’s Day is giving a new purpose to the traditional exchange of cards. The limited edition set of 4 cards encourages people to take care of their health. In addition, it urges people to get their cholesterol levels checked.

The purpose of the cards is to raise awareness about the dangers of high cholesterol (Photo: Flora Pro Active).

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Flora Proactive Created a range of Valentine’s Day cards to help people learn about cholesterol. Furthermore, it highlights the importance of getting tested to regulate cholesterol levels.

Martin McKeown has been named ambassador for the campaign. She has a family history of high cholesterol. As a result, she emphasizes the importance of testing:

“I was really surprised when I found out we had a family history of high cholesterol. That’s because I didn’t think it would affect us.

That is why it is so close to my heart to be a part of this campaign. I would urge everyone to get their cholesterol checked so that more serious health complications can be avoided. Getting tested is quick and easy, you can go to your local pharmacy or book an appointment with your GP. “

Creating Cholesterol Awareness

Alan Blake, Marketing Director, Upfield UK&I, said: “We hope that Valentine’s Day Cards will serve as a way to engage the UK, as we continue to spread awareness about high cholesterol and lifestyle. I encourage you to make small changes. Flora Proactive

Flora Proactive It aims to encourage and help people on their journey to lower cholesterol, and includes delicious products and healthy lifestyle tips.

The brand has now signed up for a one-year partnership with the Cholesterol Charity Heart UK. It started in January 2022, to help people know and understand their cholesterol levels. In addition, people can take appropriate action where necessary.

“We are proud to be partnering with him,” said Jules Payne, Hart UK’s chief executive. Flora Proactive In 2022. It is unlikely that people will be aware that they have raised cholesterol until they are tested, so the importance of testing is a message we want to support.

Flora Proactive Spreads and drinks are all approved by HEART UK. In addition to eating healthy and staying active, including these products in your regular shopping can help lower your cholesterol. “

For more information on cholesterol and how to manage your cholesterol, please visit.

Flora Proactive Can be purchased on Valentine’s Day cards. Tiring £ 3.39, where revenue (37p per card) will be donated to HEART UK. (Charity No: 1003904).

Martine McCutcheon is hosting an Instagram contest for the 50 lucky winners to get their hands on their signed Valentine’s Day card.

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