May 27, 2022
Andy Kingdom, East Riding Council’s director of public health, said coronavirus laws abroad could change at short notice, and he advised local vacationers to do their research before traveling.

Andy Kingdom, director of public health at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said coronavirus laws abroad could change at short notice and advised local vacationers to do their research before traveling.

“People should keep in mind that vaccination rates are very low in some parts of the world, and people should plan to visit such countries with that in mind,” he added.

This came as Mr Kingdom said public health officials did not expect the half-term school holidays to act as a “circuit breaker” for infections as students could mix elsewhere.

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He added that it was important for those thinking about booking a holiday to respect the corona virus laws in other countries, which may differ from the UK.

Mr Kingdom said: “Public health officials appreciate the situation with the holidays, which is different from last year and the year before, many people are anxious to go abroad.

“The thing to keep in mind when going abroad for a holiday is that the UK is probably a little bit ahead of other countries in terms of opening up.

“So my advice to people booking holidays is to look at the laws of the country you want to visit and keep an eye on them as they change them regularly.

“Many countries still have laws requiring travelers to prove that they have two vaccines or a booster and that a negative corona virus can be picked up within a few days before arrival. The test should be shown.

“Similarly, when travelers come, they should respect the laws of the country where they are going. Different cultures have dealt with the corona virus in different ways.

“Some countries require proof of vaccination to enter bars, restaurants, tourist attractions and other places.

“People should do their own research because some countries may have other rules that don’t exist here.

“And it is important to keep in mind that in places like parts of Africa, vaccination rates are very low.

“On the other hand, a lot of people here have discovered places like East Riding since the first summer of epidemics began.

“There’s a lot of tourism for East Riding and I know a lot of places have improved based on the changing perceptions of where holidaymakers would like to go.”

Mr Kingdom said infections among schoolchildren were declining after the first highs since the new year.

The director said: “The children mingled with their families and friends over Christmas and then went back to their classes and mingled more, so many students and staff were impressed.

The number of cases has dropped dramatically since then, and we’ve seen a sharp drop in the last week.

“We’re still seeing an average of 70 to 80 new cases a day among school-age children,” he said.

“When students take a half-term leave, we can see that cases are much lower in their age group, but it is unlikely to act as a circuit breaker.

“The reason is that students are more likely to travel to other places and mingle with their friends. Normally school holidays serve as breaks but this time it is different, what will happen, it is clear. do not have.

“Schools are generally better off by the end of January.

“At one point we had more than 1,000 children learning at home, but we rarely have to close schools completely.

“And because so many students are affected, that would give them a level of immunity against Omicron.”

“We did not want them to be exempted in this way, but now they will be well prepared to deal with Omicron.

“We have just started vaccinating medically weak children between the ages of five and 11, and we are awaiting the decision of the Joint Vaccines and Immunization (JCVI) Committee to extend this offer.”

“As always, a more severe new form is emerging that may be more harmful to children and public health teams are monitoring all new stresses but we have not found any.”

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