May 28, 2022

Figures for the week ending February 6 show that 74.4% of patients at A&E were hospitalized, transferred or discharged within four hours – less than 75.6% of patients of the previous week and Scottish Much less than the government’s 95% target.

A&E unit staff handled 23,429 cases over seven days, with 1,346 patients for eight hours or more.

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Meanwhile, a total of 498 patients spent more than 12 hours in A&E.

Scottish Labor has criticized the timing of ambulance changes in Scottish hospitals.

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Boris Johnson praised Douglas Ross’s leadership as he tried to build bridges.

The Scottish Government insisted that the performance of the emergency departments had “significantly improved” since the beginning of the year.

But opposition politicians called the situation “completely unacceptable” because they warned that the long wait for treatment could be “absolutely dangerous.”

Conservative health spokesman Dr Sandesh Ghalane criticized Hamza Yousuf, saying: “The SNP’s health secretary is in danger of losing his life because he has not been caught in this situation long ago.”

Tory said: “Week after week, Hamza Youssef’s continued inaction is undermining our NHS. These A&E waiting times are once again completely unacceptable.

“Our frontline NHS staff is working, but they are being frustrated by the SNP government who did not take action to help them.

“If A&E’s waiting times are about to return, Hamza Yusuf needs to start showing the leadership he needs.”

Jackie Bailey, a spokesman for Labor Health, said the latest weekly figures were a “strong reminder that the crisis surrounding our A&E is not over”.

Ms Bailey, who is also the Deputy Leader of Scottish Labor, said: “Despite the best efforts of the hard working NHS staff, not only are things not getting better, they are getting worse again.

“It is extremely dangerous for hundreds of people to be trapped for more than 12 hours in search of immediate help, and this is a cursed accusation of the SNP’s response to this crisis.

“If the SNP is going to reduce the pressure on our emergency rooms, they need to release capacity by dealing with delayed discharges – but it has reached its highest point since the onset of the epidemic.” Has gone

“We cannot allow chaos in our NHS to become a new norm. The SNP must ensure that health and social care services across Scotland can cope, otherwise lives will be lost.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton also criticized the SNP administration, pointing out that the target for A&E waiting hours is “missing week after week despite NHS staff working 24 hours a day.” “

A spokesman for the Scottish Government said: “The A&E wait has shown significant improvement since the beginning of the year.

“Nearly three-quarters of patients were seen within the four-hour target and this reflects the improvements we are seeing in staff absences and the measures implemented to reduce the pressure on our A&E services. “

The spokesman stressed that “NHS staff are under unprecedented pressure as they work to respond to epidemics while providing critical care and excellent patient care.”

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