May 27, 2022
Employers were invited to visit the Yorkshire and Humber Institute of Technology on East Riding College’s Beverly campus, which has invested more than £ 2 million.

Employers were invited to visit the Yorkshire and Humber Institute of Technology on its Beverly campus, which has invested more than £ 2 million. Staff, students and apprentices were present to showcase specialist training facilities for advanced engineering and technical fields.

The Institute aims to increase employment opportunities and improve the number of suitable candidates in the technical and vocational jobs market. With interesting developments like Humber Freeport and Energy Story, there is a demand for qualified engineers and technicians in the region.

As part of National Apprenticeship Week, the College also launched its new Faculty of Advanced Automotive Technologies, which is investing in green technologies and developing curricula to meet the growing demand for electric vehicle technicians and electricians. Which can install EV charging points.

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To help provide EV courses, the college has invested in two state-of-the-art EV models, the All Electric Ford Mustang Mitch-E and the Toyota C-HR Hybrid, following a successful bid for the Skills Accelerator Development Fund.

Alex Sheldon, Head of Curriculum for Construction and Engineering, said: “Our curriculum has always been designed to meet the specific needs of local employers.

“Due to the rapid changes in the automotive industry, and the government’s goal of moving to zero-emission motors by 2035, the electric motors curriculum is evolving in interesting ways to meet the needs of the industry.” Learners will be ready for the future. ”

Mike Welsh, principal of East Riding College, said: “The theme of this year’s National Apprenticeship Week is How Apprenticeships ‘Build the Future’: How They Help Individuals Develop Their Skills and Careers. Can, and how they can help the business grow. The talented workforce possesses the skills to prepare for the future. Yes, it creates a ‘domestic’ workforce that provides incredible returns on investment by making existing employees skilled, filling the skills gap and helping them prove their business in the future.

The event was co-sponsored by Apprenticeship Employers, including AB Graphic International, which has many Apprentice Engineers studying IoT.

Darren Bonus, Quality Control, Manufacturing and Engineering Manager at AB Graphic International, said: “The skills they are learning will stay with them for the rest of their careers. Here they can learn the basic skills they need in the workplace. Will be.

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