May 28, 2022
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7 o’clock in the morningYou are either an early bird or a night owl. My toxic personality is being characterized by both. It may not seem like a rush, but our office is just a few blocks from our New Town flat, so at 7:00 am I have plenty of time to spend a slow morning preparing for the day to come home. ۔ While in bed, I do five minutes of breathing exercises and stretching to prevent me from reaching for my phone to check my inbox. Today is a late winter Friday, so I’m a little excited to see the sunrise start every morning.

8 a.m.I’ve been using a traditional Moka pot to make traditional, Italian-style espresso, which is a little bitter and tastes great with oatmeal. The whole pot usually sees me in the morning. If I remember, I would take vitamin D and Baroca supplements in the form of physi tablets.

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8.30amOnce at my desk, I usually sort out all the top priority tasks quickly. As an innovative startup, some of our colleagues are from far away, so we’re using Slack to communicate all day long. Later, I like to get rid of operational tasks. Before setting up my business, I had a background in digital marketing so Fellow Creators was created as a digital first brand with most of our sales coming through our own online store. I cross-check inventory levels and contact my complementary partner based in Glasgow to make sure orders are leaving the warehouse easily. I am now free to go into deep work mode and I can focus on aspects of the business that require more creative and strategic thinking.

1.30pmToday, our manufacturer is launching a large order for export to South Korea. In an instant zoom call, we’re touching the groundwork with Production Manager to consolidate the final details of the run. After skipping breakfast, I’m hungry so I pull myself up to a celebratory Korean takeaway bomb and a splintered leg by the river in Dan Village. We also recently launched our new product. واوزا – A premium twist on Nutella with 54% fresh roasted hazelnuts. The product has already gained considerable popularity in both the UK and Korea. There is a list of very thin ingredients and clear demand for premium ingredients products. Most people still work from home, which means they work hard for a good breakfast. Excellent result of continuous lockdown. With a new gust of energy, I complete the rest of the work that takes me to dinner.

7.30pmAlthough some people find it difficult to cook at home after a busy day, I like to be creative and complete the stressful day. Today, I’m making one of my favorite dishes, a peanut butter cabbage curry – one of the recipes I know by heart. While cooking, I grab my podcast or listen to some smooth jazz.

9 p.m.I try not to open my emails after this time to calm my mind. In the evening, I watch a documentary and often fail to reopen my emails.

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