May 28, 2022

Emiliano Sala’s mother recounts how she and her family searched for the footballer after her tragic plane crash.

Mercedes’ Carina Tefreel said in an interrogation at Bournemouth Town Hall that she and her 28-year-old siblings, Dario and Romina, were wandering the shores of the Channel Islands when their names were called in hopes of finding them.


Emiliano Sala was paid tribute after his shocking death in 2019.Credit: PA
Emiliano Sala's mother, Mercedes Carina Tafarel, and her two siblings found him on the beach and called his name after the tragic plane crash.


Emiliano Sala’s mother, Mercedes Carina Tafarel, and her two siblings found him on the beach and called his name after the tragic plane crash.

Ms Tefreel said at the time of her death, in January 2019, her son was “full of hope” for the future after a £ 15 million transfer from Cardiff City.

He asked the inquiry to “leave no stone unturned” and provide justice for the family so that her son could finally rest in peace.

He said: “In the cold weather we set out on the islands calling for his name, hoping to hear from him. We still had hope that ended in the pain that persists to this day.

“As a family, we did our best to find the wreckage. The loss was a complete shock because it was a pillar for us.

“The accident changed our lives. It’s the worst thing that could ever happen to us. From that day on, our lives have changed forever.”

“Nothing like that now. Nothing can bring Amy back to us but we ask for justice so that she can rest in peace and have some peace of mind knowing that we have a future ahead of us.” Every effort was made to prevent deaths.

“We are just asking for justice. We want no stone unturned in finding out what happened.”

The Argentine was being flown from France to South Wales by pilot David Abbotson when the Piper PA-46 crashed into the Malibo English Channel after his transfer from Nantes to Cardiff City FC.

Sala’s body was found a month later, but Abbotson was never identified.

An autopsy confirmed that Sala died of head and trunk injuries.

Senior pathologist Dr Basel Purdue told the inquiry that it was “highly likely” that he and pilot David Abbotson had died after inhaling carbon monoxide from a faulty exhaust pipe.

Dr. Purdue said the Argentine footballer was exposed to “severe poisoning” from a deadly gas before the plane crashed into the sea in January 2019.

Mr Abbotson’s body was never recovered from the English Channel, but Dr Purdue said he may have been exposed to the same levels of carbon monoxide.

Ms Sala’s statement came as the family’s lawyers on Monday lost the battle to include five more witnesses in the investigation, including an engineer who inspected the plane’s maintenance just 11 hours before the crash. Was

There were several delays in the investigation

He hoped to ask an engineer if he had performed a pressure test on the exhaust pipe.

But the Air Accident Investigation Branch said it was not relevant that the test was carried out because it had nothing to do with Mr Sala’s death.

The four-week jury inquiry was delayed when David Henderson, who arranged the flight, was indicted and later convicted of recklessly endangering the aircraft.

He told Mr Abbotson to fly on the day of the crash, although he did not have a license to carry commercial passengers or fly at night.

Henderson, 67, was sentenced in October 2021 to 18 months in prison after a trial in Cardiff Crown Court.

The investigation is ongoing.

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