May 22, 2022

As Europe stands on the brink of war, you and I are more concerned about paying the gas bill.

The current state of the planet is not the most sophisticated method you have ever read, but no less accurate.


Europe could be on the brink of war.Credit: Reuters
But it is our ever-increasing bills that are causing us more problems.


But it is our ever-increasing bills that are causing us more problems.Credit: PA
Bill Leakey has commented on the country's current financial woes.


Bill Leakey has commented on the country’s current financial woes.Credit: John Kirkby – The Sun Glasgow

Because while what is happening on the border between Russia and Ukraine is very important, it has the potential to wreak havoc, but it still feels like someone else’s problem when compared to everyday The fight is over.

Except that the threat of war has already pushed share prices down, leading to a rise in oil prices, which will inevitably push the gas bill even higher.

So we are there If we do not get Putin, Scottish power will do.

And let’s be honest, there are times when Putin is more sympathetic.

(Note: There are other heartless energy providers as well.)

Still, life is not all bad – I mean, always waiting for such a big, thick, wonderful council tax break.

Most read in the Scottish Sun.

I’d love to hear what you plan to spend on.

A three-week Caribbean cruise? Deposit at this holiday home that you always wanted? A nest egg so kids don’t worry about the future?

Or maybe, once most of the £ 150 next year’s surplus or last year’s arrears, swallow a quarter of the cola cubes.

I’ve already run out, as it happens, after one of Glasgow’s best castles was demolished and handed over to Halford for a new front-end tire. Although I say “pit”, when the junction in question is like a moon pit which is tied with a strange ribbon of asphalt.

At the moment I’m wondering if the council has quietly bought Halford, before we promise to provide a pitcher as a solution to all these grievances during the Code, then the night workers. Send them out to chew on the streets so we can give them back to them before we get them.

Discount worries

As your grandmother might say, you dug it out of the pigs.

Now, those who run your local council will no doubt be raising their hands in ungratefulness to these comments and saying that one and a half tons of preparation is a good windfall any day of the week.

Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. But we are not.

For starters, the exemption is only for those in the council tax band A to D, which means Es, Fs, Gs and Hs can whistle for it.

Then there is the fact that the authorities are being offered the option of issuing cash or credit in exchange for future bills.

The fact is that the bill is a certificate of growth in April, thus reducing the value of these credits.

And, last but not least, the fact that a lot of people are lagging behind with payment and may not even see a penny.

It is not the fault of the councils, for there is no doubt that they are counting the loose change as much as the average family.

Even SNP-controlled Kate backtracked on Forbes’ pre-Christmas budget out of fear, which literally reduced the funding of 32 local authorities by £ 264 million and made it “barely possible to survive.” As described.

This is a budget that means there is no money for a reasonable increase in wages, which means the possibility of industrial action, then a reduction in jobs, then a reduction in services, then more bloodshed. There are pits.

So in addition to the councils being charged more than us each month and how to deal with the financial catastrophe, Ms. Forbes – with a textbook net degree – decided to un-freeze the cap on the bills. What is the choice of the moment?


Yet just to prove that it never climbs the hill, while we’re making new holes in the belts that won’t be too tight, and when the councils are scratching the back of the sofa for unnecessary change, So it is A great example of the garbage we see on the surface of the hollywood.

In 2019, as you may recall, the Scottish Government bought the failed Ferguson Shipyard, which was building two ferries worth £ 97 million to serve Arran and Skye, and paid taxpayers 45 million in cash. Was guaranteed before

Nearly three years later, despite hitting the water in 2018, not only are the ferries still not working, and not only have their costs risen to £ 200 million, but they are now even more delayed. Wait for it – discover that up to 900 power cables are too small.

Dear God, let us pray that a free Scotland never falls with the Russians or that our tanks run out of petrol ten miles from Paris.

If we ever get them on the first channel.

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